What The Everyday Items In Your Home Say About You On A Deeper Level

A mellon baller? Eek.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you own a lot of s**t. And though you may not want to admit it, all those things act as a window into your thoughts and your psyche.

Here are some everyday items found in your home and what they say about you as a person.

  • Printer — "I have a manifesto."
    macbrianmun via Getty Images
  • Forgotten Girl Scout cookies in the freezer — "I've watched a man's soul leave his body."
    Gilles_Paire via Getty Images
  • Christmas lights in your bedroom out of season — "I awkwardly avoid hugging."
    KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images
  • Silk sheets — "When I see kids crying, I smile."
    GYRO PHOTOGRAPHY/amanaimagesRF via Getty Images
  • Standing mixer — "My friends have to babysit me when I get drunk."
    Dmitry_Evs via Getty Images
  • Chip clips — "In the grand design, all life is meaningless."
    cveltri via Getty Images
  • Bookends — "I'm a doomsday prepper."
    Simon Bradfield via Getty Images
  • Melon baller — "I've killed before."
    cheche22 via Getty Images
  • Cutting board — "We are all god."
    villagemoon via Getty Images
  • Shoehorn — "I cry during kid cereal commercials."
    Mark Herreid via Getty Images
  • Animal skin rug — "I know the quickest route out of town."
    uniquely india via Getty Images
  • Digital picture frame — "I take it personally when someone doesn't sit next to me on public transportation."
    Thomas Northcut via Getty Images
  • House plant — "When the going gets tough, I curl up like a slap bracelet."
    Jeremy Hopley via Getty Images
  • Wire hangers — "Sometimes when I sit the park and watch families enjoying the beautiful weather, I think to myself, 'Pluto is a planet and I don't care who knows it!'"
    Jorg Greuel via Getty Images
  • Welcome mat — "I shower while listening to the sounds of other showers."
    Courtney Keating via Getty Images
  • Vehicle sun shield — "I named my dog Illuminati."
    Jan Hakan Dahlstrom via Getty Images
  • Magnetic knife strip — "Actually, I prefer Pepsi."
    pidjoe via Getty Images
  • Heart-shaped waffle maker — "I own a digital copy of 'Gigli.'"
    8vFanI via Getty Images
  • Winter cap with ear flaps — "I call 911 just to let them know I'm OK."
    ValuykinS via Getty Images


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