'What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far' Creators Discuss Their Web Site (VIDEO)

Creators Of Viral Web Site 'What The F--k Has Obama Done So Far' Discuss Their Hit

The creators of 'What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far,' a web site that displays various Obama administration accomplishments, stopped by "The Last Word" to talk about their site on Monday night. The web site, which resembles the format of the 2008 hit site -- and later book -- 'Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle,' was launched last week and has already been viewed by more than four million people, according to Lawrence O'Donnell.

Shavanna Miller, who came up with the idea, says it only took approximately three hours for her and her two friends to put the site together on a Sunday night.

Co-creator Richard Boenigk discussed the thought behind the site: "When we set out to create the site, we weren't out to convince anybody who wasn't already a supporter of the president.... When he was elected, I think people dreamed really big, bigger than they probably had in the past. And I think that left a lot of room for disappointment. So this is a site to remind people of the things he has accomplished."

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