'What the F*@k Should I Make for Dinner?': Profanity-Loving Blogger Zach Golden Pens Cookbook


Brooklyn-based copy writer Zach Golden got semi-famous when he iconically dubbed recipe site "What The F#*k Should I Make For Dinner". (It is worth noting that the title's third word is not spelled so politely if you click through the link.) Visitors to the sparsely-designed site are greeted with a bit of colorful language and a link to a dinner recipe on the website Cookstr. It's a simple, clever idea. In as much as it's punchy but substance-free, you might compare it to a site like "Is It Iced Coffee Weather?"

That is to say that it is not the makings of War and Peace, or even The Joy Of Cooking.

But that didn't stop "a few publishers" from approaching Golden about the idea of a book deal. And it didn't stop one, Running Press, from going ahead and printing a book based on the blog. It's now available for purchase on Amazon for $10.20. The New York Daily News has a recipe from the book, and it looks OK. (You can't go wrong with brussels sprouts and bacon, really.)

Not everyone is buying it, though. Food writer Francis Lam, for example wrote up the story in this disparaging tweet:

What do you think?

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