What 'The Good Wife' Taught Me About Growing Older

Julianna Margulies was 43 years old when The Good Wife premiered in September of 2009. Most TV shows don't follow characters long enough to see them reach age 43, let alone start there. On television, middle age is too often portrayed as a stagnant time of unhappiness. Characters of a certain age tend to be shown longing for their past and making changes in their life to try and recapture what made them happy in their youth. For Walter White, it was gaining power and respect to make up for not being more successful. Don Draper wanted to make up for his lack of a normal childhood by being able to get whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. However, for Alicia Florrick, there was nothing to look back too. She Florrick never looked back, she only looked forward — and so did The Good Wife.

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