What The Man Who Plans To Live 'Indefinitely' Has For Breakfast

Could you stomach this?

Meet Ray Kurzweil. He's the head engineering honcho at Google and aside from computing and technology, there's something else he wants to engineer: a really long life.

The 67-year-old has said he wants to "extend our longevity indefinitely." In 2009, he authored Transcend: Nine Steps To Living Well Forever. Kurzweil recently invited the Financial Times to have breakfast with him so that he could reveal what he eats every morning and why.

"This food actually fills you up with fewer calories," Kurzweil told the Financial Times of his nutritious breakfast. And it doesn't sound all that bad. 

Kurzweil had a table laid out with porridge, blackberries and raspberries, smoked salmon and mackerel, vanilla soy milk, green tea and dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate, he noted, is very anti-inflammatory, along with berries, which are all packed with antioxidants. Salmon, which is rich in fatty acids, has also been shown to help protect your brain and reduce inflammation. 

Now here's what you won't see on Kurzweil's table. He stays away from meat, opting for fish instead. He also seems to limit his sugar, using unsweetened soy milk and having Stevia on hand if needed. 

But here's the other part of his anti-aging regimen. Kurzweil says he used to take 250 pills a day but has managed to reduce it to 100. He takes 30 of them with breakfast -- supplements to support everything from heart health to brain health and even sexual health. 

That's one part of his regimen that's a little harder to swallow. 

Meanwhile, business magnate Warren Buffett is somewhere enjoying a Coke and a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast. Buffett swears that "eating like a 6-year-old" is how he's managed to live to 85.

To each, his own.



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