What To Buy Your Friend Who Is Going Through A Breakup

How do you show your friend you're there for her?

We’re still soothing our broken hearts over the news about Anna and Chris’ separation after 8 years. We can’t deny all of the times Anna and Chris made us feel things (those competitive bedtime stories though). And, lately, it seems like all of our favorite celebrity power couples are splitting. (Let’s just shield Bey and Jay, and John and Chrissy from the world, shall we?)

But, if you’ve ever been through a heart-wrenching breakup, you know how much a thoughtful gift from a friend can mean during what is an otherwise confusing and hard time. But, how do you show your friend you’re thinking of them?

That’s why we’ve pulled together meaningful gifts to give your friend who’s going through a breakup, to show you care. Take a look at our favorites below.

This ode to Beyonce that will never have you apologizing again
This vinyl for when you need a reminder that men like Ed Sheeran exist
This succulents gift box that is adorable beyond words
This card that you've probably been meaning to send them for quite some time
This book that will empower them to take back control
This pin that they'll eventually be proud to wear
Urban Outfitters
This book that will inspire them to get off the couch
This phone case that will send a message without words
This hoodie that we all honestly need
This candle that will let them know you've got their back

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