What to Do (This Time, Sober)

It's time to tear the mask from their smug, stupid faces.

Liberals -- or anyone who has sense and cares about their country -- need to gird themselves against an enemy that looks American and squawks American but is as destructive to American principles as any brown shirt-wearing, fascist sociopath.

Every dumbass bromide that issues forth from the twisted mouths of a pseudo-libertarian or armchair conservative blowhard must be met with a confident rejoinder, one that has the backing of truth and facts.

Every attention seeking stunt on the part of a right wing media lackey must be ignored, or derided for the raving, fear mongering assholery it is and then turned off with one, easy click of a button.

Be not afraid of the birthers, baggers, deathers, those who decry "the killing of Christmas" or whatever lunatic froth that issues from their sad, desperate brains. They haven't the guts to back their fiery words up with action. And they are, in many cases, way too fat to move very fast.

Sitting back and letting elected officials do the citizens' work will result in only more static, more confusion and breathe further breath into the lungs of those quasi-conservative zombots who know nothing of history or need to reinterpret it, in fact, to fit their low brow schemes, therefore allowing more division, thinly-veiled xenophobia, and outright idiocy to reign widespread as it does now.

And lastly, live life on the local level. Detach from the corporate teat. Use their gadgets and gizmos sparingly, only when navigating the corrupted network erected by those whose sole objective is to make thoughtful, productive citizens into blind, ignorant consumers.

Be all the tea-bagging ass-hats fear, as they bathe themselves in the ghastly glow of Fox Noose:

Be resourceful. Be diligent. Be independent. Revere the elderly. Be tender to the helpless. Be fearless in the face of obstructionists. Be humble. Be smart.

And know that Truth is on your side, that history has witnessed these confrontations before and that when their side wins (which it sometimes does) history nevertheless records those times as bleak, counterproductive and painful eras from which civilizations eventually emerge renewed and more evolved. Sound democratic principles have many enemies from within the very heart of mankind, whose dreams may soar but whose instincts often crawl in the dirt and prevent those dreams from ever becoming reality.

And that is what the right wingers are, after all: killers of dreams.