What to Do When You Don't Feel Good Enough

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It's funny, I've pretty much NEVER experienced feelings of not being good enough.

I've pretty much NEVER had this as a limiting belief that's held me back from anything.

At the same time, I know that not feeling good enough is a HUGE roadblock for many of you wanting to write a book, start your own podcast, start a business, take up a musical instrument, join a gym, take up a sport.... I GET that it's such a huge block for many of you, EXCEPT I've never fully understood it.... Until today.

So today I'm going to share with you exactly how I'm going to get over this.

FYI, this is all typed as it comes to mind. The only editing is spelling and grammar (and I am even lax there, so no need to point out anything)...

Ok so in order for me to uplevel my life and biz, I want to become famous in various ways. And one of those ways is I'd really like a genuine book deal with a well known publisher.

And as soon as I realised that, I IMMEDIATELY had feelings of not being good enough for that.
Now I've written heaps of books. Most have been best sellers on Amazon.

But in my mind there's a HUGE difference between self publishing and having a book deal.

I've read up on it a bit in the past. Things like pitching your idea to publishers sounds daunting. Being a nobody and trying to be a somebody feels very try-hard. Doing this thing that well respected authors do is ... Well.... It feels like I'm trying to be somebody better than who I currently am.

So I want to turn this fear around. No, I want to get rid of it altogether.


OK... So... Why do I feel like I'm not in the same league as my favourite authors?

You put them on a pedestal. When really, they are just like anybody else doing a job. Their job is to write.

Ok, that makes total sense. They are like anybody and everybody else. They have to make a buck, and they do it by working for the publisher. They just happen to write really cool books. It's like anyone else who has a really cool job and is really good at it.

So.... Do I think I'm not good enough to also have a really cool job and be really good at it?

NOT IN THE LEAST. You HAVE a really cool job and you ARE really good at it. You just want to expand your role to involve writing for a publisher.

You've already written GREAT books that YOU love and that other people also love. This is just a natural expansion or extension of this.

All you wish to do is expand upon your current job. Nothing more.

Yeah. I get it. It's actually really simple. I just want to do more of what I'm already doing.
I'm ALREADY an awesome author

I've ALREADY been on best seller lists.

People ALREADY buy my books and I don't even bother promoting them properly any more.

If people buy my books INTERNATIONALLY, when I DON'T EVEN PROMOTE THEM, then honestly -- I'm ALREADY in the league with my favourite authors!

Nice one.

I AM good enough to be a real genuine bona fide author with a real genuine bona fida publishing deal from a real genuine bona fide publisher.

I've literally got a smile on my face now.

Now it's just a matter of me researching the process a bit more and brainstorming ideas and then of course pitching my idea.

I'm genuinely excited about this.

Can you feel the change in my energy while reading this?

THIS is how I work with people. It's how I converse with the Universe. It's how I coach people.

This is POWERFUL shit right here.

Want to work with me? Find out here.

Omg. I'm honestly on fire now. Gonna hit PUBLISH on this post then FUCKING GET THIS BOOK DEAL UNDERWAY!

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