What to Expect 1 Year After Breast Reduction Surgery

What to Expect 1 Year After Breast Reduction Surgery
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Happy Anniversary to my boobs! I can't believe it's been a year since my breast reduction surgery. Last year, I made the decision to undergo the surgery after years of trying to naturally reduce my back-aching, large breasts. I shared my journey with the world and was wowed by the amount of love and support I received. So many women who've dealt with issues, both physically and emotionally, concerning their breasts reached out to me to share their stories. Because of how much my story helped other women, I wanted to do a quick 1-year update discussing all post-surgery changes, thoughts, and of course, bra size.

What to Expect 1 Year Post-Breast Reduction

If you followed my breast reduction journey last year, you know that for a few months post-op, your breasts will look super fake. This was fun for a while. I never had to wear a bra and I had perfect celebrity cleavage for plunging necklines (full disclosure: I don't own anything with a plunging neckline, so what I'm actually talking about is me wearing an old oversized tank top that I pulled down into plunging neckline in front of the mirror.) But alas, "perfect" boobs don't last forever.

Shape: The shape of my breasts definitely changed over time. It went from round, fake-ish looking boobs to now fuller, more settled looking boobs.

Sensation: There is no universal experience when it comes to maintaining sensation in your nipples/breasts. Some women lose sensation after surgery and then get it back within a year or later. Some women don't get back their sensation at all. And other women, like me, actually never lose sensation.

Bra size: After a breast reduction, you are advised to wear a surgical bra for at least a month, then transition to wire-free sports bras. My doctor told me I could start wearing underwire three months post-op, but in reality that just wasn't the case for me. Underwires felt so uncomfortable, so I actually didn't start wearing underwire until about 8 months after surgery. Now, a year later, I wear both wireless (something I NEVER thought I'd be able to do when I had 34HH boobs) and underwire.

Bra shopping: If you're a frugal shopper like me, I recommend buying modestly priced bras for the first year after surgery because your size may keep changing -- especially if you are prone to weight gain. I just recently bought my first high-quality bra because I finally have a set size. (Note: bra shopping is still annoying even with smaller boobs.)

New Figure: Once you get a breast reduction, you'll be surprised by your new figure. You'll either see yourself smaller or bigger, in any case you'll have a new look. Your clothes will fit differently and you'll probably start to rethink your entire wardrobe. For me, I was thrilled to be able to wear v-neck tees without my boobs pouring out. But on the flip side, I hated that my smaller boobs now exposed my round tummy in tight dresses. My bigger boobs were my gut guard! It takes some getting used to, but an upgraded wardrobe and maybe even a little exercise to smooth out a problem area (if it is a problem for you) can help you adjust to the new you.

Scars: I made a YouTube video about all things breast reduction and I spoke a little bit about scar treatment. I started using silicone strips almost immediately after surgery but I found them to be impractical. I had to apply these sticker to my boobs day and night, washing them in-between wears. I couldn't deal, so I moved on to ScarAway gel which was more convenient. I have to admit, after 3 months of using both strips and gel, I didn't see the amazing results I saw in reviews. I eventually started to slack on my scar regimen. But I'm back on track now. I've been using Mederma for a month now. Let see what happens.

Back Pain: Having such heavy large breasts caused me to have severe lower back pain. The surgery certainly helped relieve the pain and pressure, but due to the many years of this issue I still get some flare ups every now and then. Breast reduction surgery will help fix back pain significantly but it may not get rid of the pain completely. Seeing a chiropractor, stretching, and doing yoga has definitely helps me maintain a pain-free back.

Thoughts: It's one year later and I am so happy I had my breast reduction. Besides the positive effects it has had on my health, I love the fact that I did something so bold for myself. It's not easy opting to go under the knife, especially when the world tells you not to (based on shallow opinions). Like many other women who have chosen breast reduction, I am proud of my choice and I recommend it to anyone considering it. Make sure you are doing it for you and no one else.

I'm always open to giving advice to women who have questions regarding the surgery or even just dealing with big boobs (because that's fine too!) Feel free to contact me on Facebook, if you need any more info!

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