Here’s Everything Pat Robertson Asked The Last Time He Interviewed Donald Trump

Don't expect any deep probing of the Russia scandal in Thursday's '700 Club' broadcast.
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Pat Robertson is doing another exclusive interview with President Trump today, and we’re all wondering how Pat will use the time. Based on his last such interview before the election, he’ll likely revisit the Constitution, women, the 2nd Amendment, the Supreme Court, abortion, economic growth, the military, and his “honesty” pledge. I’d be surprised if they didn’t talk about the “liberal” media and fake news. Watching the last interview, it’s clear that Pat was promoting himself and his agenda more than pumping Donald Trump, and we’ll likely see more of that. As a lifelong conservative, it’ll be interesting if Pat drifts over into Trump’s Russian problem and how that will take shape. I would not expect any deep probing questions.

And you can tell a lot about an interview by the questions being asked, so let’s go back to October and Pat’s last interview with Donald Trump. Pat did a bit of steering and lecturing last time, and I expect to see more of that. Pat just can’t resist an opportunity to teach. In public situations, always remember that Pat Robertson will laugh or chuckle, because he’s generally nervous and his mind is buying time to provide a response.

Here are the questions Pat asked last fall:

There’s something I’ve seen that you don’t get any press on. When you built a great skyscraper in New York, you had the first woman, I guess she was a building supervisor, was she an engineer, or what?

Well, you know I’ve built over a million feet of buildings and stuff, and this is BIG TASK. I mean, all those trades, but she managed all of that?

Do you expect to have women in your cabinet and in key positions in your administration?

They talk about, it’s interesting, the Clinton Foundation, I understand there’s a disparity in pay between women and men. Are you going to make sure that women get paid for equal work with men? There’s not going to be any question in the federal government that there’s equality, right?

What do you look for when you’re picking employees? What qualifications do you look for?

You did a program where one of your famous lines was “You’re fired.” I think it’s important in business to hire the best people and train them well but also to, when people aren’t cutting it, to do them a favor to let them go.

In the Veterans Administration, they didn’t serve the needs of the veterans, yet a lot of those guys got bonuses. That’s a crime.

You wouldn’t hesitate, I mean you know, if those people weren’t serving the veterans, cheating and lying, to fire them. Can you do that under civil service rules?

We’ve got to change the civil service laws in some fashion, so that you reward ability and punish insufficient activity.

I was reading in the Wall Street Journal ― I think the reporter was Kimberly Strassel ― and she said, “Donald Trump knows more about constitutional law than Hillary Clinton!” How come? What’s the deal?

Hillary made statements in that debate concerning the Supreme Court. She was asked, “What is the Supreme Court,” and she said well it’s an organization representing the whole nation, and their principal task ― and I’m putting words in her mouth, I’m paraphrasing ― is to look after the little guys. That’s not what the Constitution says.

Well, I went to Yale law school ahead of them, but she went to Yale law school and the Heller decision, for example, she wants to overturn Heller, and she said that Heller had to do with keeping guns away from little toddlers. That’s nonsense!

But you know Heller, the DC law said only people with permits can have guns, and permits are hard to get, and even if you have a permit for a gun in your house, you have to disassemble it, so if a woman’s got a gun, and a burglar comes in, she has to pick all those parts and get ’em in. I mean, it makes women terribly vulnerable.

Well, if you’re president, and we’re talking guns and the Supreme Court, so that Heller decision was one, and the law, we’re talking about the 2nd Amendment, they talk about a well-ordered militia and then they talk about the right of the people to keep and bear arms should not be curtailed, so with Heller, this has to do with the 1st, I mean the 2nd Amendment freedom to own guns personally. A lot of those judges thought it had to do with the militia.

You said in Gettysburg today that you would appoint from that [the Federalist Society] list.

Something else that Hillary did. She took the radical feminist view in relation to abortion, and she didn’t back off one iota in that debate, not one, and you called her out on partial-birth abortion, and she said it’s not as bad as you said. But the truth is it’s worse than you said.

The actual partial birth is the baby is about two-thirds already born in the birth canal. The doctor turns it around to get its head, punches the back of its skull, and then evacuates the brain, and it is the most barbaric thing, and to defend that and say it’s a woman’s right...

She defended that barbaric practice of partial birth and then she defended Planned Parenthood. 500 plus million dollars? It’s terrible.

I think the majority of people now at least fetal viability. Beyond that, the majority of women do not stand for abortion on demand. Up to that point, they say, well, I’m pro-choice, but you have said you’re pro-life, unashamedly pro-life.

You know, Hillary is playing to women. Are you seeing any shift in women towards you in relation to these issues, because I would think the average woman loves children, and I have fourteen grand children. I have nine great grand children. I love those children. And to think you’d want to slaughter those children? It must, the average woman is compassionate and loving.

You were so well-positioned. Most people don’t talk about it. Don’t want to talk about it, but you did.

Let’s talk about your growth plan. You’re going to grow the economy. You said about 25-million jobs. You laid out in Gettysburg today your plan. You want to give us two or three points of what you’re going to do?

Why do they keep, why are they so opposed to this (deregulation)? It’s just common sense. American companies, they’ve got to pay federal tax, state tax, sometimes city tax, and all the other taxes that go along. Of course they can’t compete. Obama I understand had about 26-hundred regulations in the hopper that he’s going to personally put in before his term ends. Is that right?

So you’re plan is when you take office, you will undo those executive orders?

I know I started a few IPOs that were real successful and right now Sarbanes-Oxley makes it so difficult that if the average company wants to go to London or someplace besides New York. New York has lost a lot of business because of that.

In military matters, there’s been proposed a no-fly zone over Aleppo and those beleaguered cities in Syria. And I don’t know if Hillary’s for it or not. I think she said she may have been for it.

Would you keep the same defense team in place, or do you find you’ve got other people in mind to run it?

You know apparently there’s been a great deal of deception. There’s been so many lies. The Obamacare, if you like you doctor, you can keep him, if you like your health plan, you can keep: total lies. You mentioned in one of the debates that Gruber was laughing about the fact that he was lying about what he was doing, but there have been lies with regards to the Iran nuclear deal...

One last question. I know you’ve got to do a rally. There have been so many lies. Excepting national security, which is a totally different ballgame, would you make a pledge as president not to lie to the American people?

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