17 Gifts For The Witchy Friends In Your Life

Witchy gifts for your witchy friends.

The witch has become one of the most iconic modern symbols of feminism. From Lana Del Rey to Instagram’s The Hoodwitch, feminists deploy the term “witch” for empowered women who get their strength from spaces other than men or general society. In fact, there’s probably a bit of a basic witch in all of us.

This holiday season, shopping for gifts for the modern witch — whether she’s your mysterious, spell-casting BFF, sister, cousin or mama — shouldn’t be all toil and trouble. From books of enchantment and witchy accessories, to crystals as far as the eye can see, the internet is awash with witchy items for every kind of conjurer.

To help you find the perfect gift for your witchy friend, we’ve found these 17 eerie gift ideas for the weird, witchy women in your life.

Take a look at our witchy gift ideas below:

A beginner’s spellbook.
Urban Outfitters
Every witch has to start somewhere. Help your magically-inclined loved one start their journey into sorcery by giving them a copy of “The Practical Witch’s Spell Book: For Love, Happiness and Success”. It’s under $20 at Urban Outfitters.
A pretty pack of tarot cards.
Etsy / Amazon
This is the perfect gift for both the witch with an already-sizable tarot collection, and the seer who’s just starting out. This unique set of tarot cards like this one from Amazon (right), or this one from Etsy (left), is sure to impress.
A monthly subscription box to help her try new spells.
This "The Witches Roots" subscription box from Cratejoy delivers packages stuffed with dried herbs, magic flowers, ritual body oils, spell coins and talismans, incense, spell candles, crystals and more to your favorite mage on a monthly basis.
An enchanting bag to hold all her trinkets.
Etsy / Modcloth / Asos
Witches never travel light. Give her a way to tout around her charms and crystals with this jewel-embellished ring handle pouch purse from Asos (right), this purr-fect black kitty crossbody bag from Modcloth (middle), or this witchy tote from Etsy (left).
A palmistry hand screenprint.
Uncommon Goods
A good for reference for the seer who’s just starting out.
A skull-shaped cheese board and knife.
Summoning a demon can be a long process. Keep the coven well fed and on theme by covering this skull cheese board with an assortment of fancy finger foods.
A sassy phone case from Valfre.
Valfre is the place where your favorite Instagram fashion goth gets all her creepy-cute phone cases. Whether you want to transform your best witch’s phone into a chic coffin (middle) a squishy black cat (right), or a spellbook worthy of the Sanderson sisters (left), her mirror selfie game will be forever changed.
A knotted headband fit for a fortune teller.
Accio accessories! Get that coveted 19th-century medium look with one of these cute knot-twist headbands from Boohoo. All that’s missing is the crystal ball. Get the burgundy velvet one here, and the black jersey one here.
Statement accessories to add a little magic to an everyday outfit.
These vintage-inspired Mary Janes from Modcloth are just the thing to add a little witchy glamour to a look.
A full moon wall art with a hanging crystal.
Celebrate the cycles of the moon with this ceramic hanging full moon, adorned with an amethyst crystal to promote natural healing.
Some cute, witchy dresses.
Modcloth / Unique Vintage / Torrid
Wednesday Addams would surely approve of this graveyard-collared velvet dress from Modcloth (left), and her mother would definitely rock this 1930s-style sheer sleeve dress from Unique Vintage (middle). For the low-key witch, this bell-sleeved skater dress from Torrid (right) might be a better bet.
A skull-flanked hourglass for timing out spells.
Help your favorite enchantress stay on task with this creepy skull hourglass, complete with black sand.
A crystal ball with a stand.
Curious as to what your future holds? Gift the baddest witch you know with this mystical crystal ball and stand.
An opal midi ring.
Good witches know wearing a ring above the knuckle is the ultimate symbol of power.
A long black robe.
KIM + ONO / Macys
For the witch who prefers to perform her magic in the comfort of her own abode, a long black robe is a must. Try this stylish black kimono from Kim + Ono or this cozy velour lace-trimmed robe from Macy’s.
Some witchy nails, all the better to curse you with.
A set of long, dark claws is just what the devil ordered. Try these black beauties, adorned with astrology symbols, or these vampy black-to-red ombre talons.
A carved deer skull for their dwelling.
For the witch who’s looking to channel the power of the natural world, there’s truly nothing like this one-of-a-kind carved deer skull, available on Etsy.

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