What To Pack For A Solo Trip

Repeat after me: Less is more.

When it comes to solo travel, less is more. Literally.

That’s because you’re the only one who’s there to lug around your belongings, so packing practically is the name of the game. Say goodbye to packing “maybes” and focus instead on the bare essentials you’ll absolutely use.

Whether you’re camping for the weekend, backpacking across Europe, or road tripping across the states for some important self-reflection, you’ll want to focus on packing on the necessities.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the ultimate solo travel list. From comfy live-in leggings to multipurpose essentials like sneakers and a scarf with pockets, you’ll be set for your next Cheryl Strayed-inspired adventure.

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A Comfortable Pair Of Leggings
Wear these while driving, on your flight, taking a hike, and more. Comfy is key when traveling solo. Shop them here for $54.
A Foldable Bag
You'll want a light, foldable bag to store your belongings and then pack it up when you no longer need it. Shop it here for $10.
A Water-Resistant Backpack
Good things come in small packages. This backpack, while on the smaller side, is perfect for travel with its water resistant exterior. Shop it here for $80.
A Money Belt
You don't have to opt for a fanny-pack to make sure your prized possessions are safe. Store them in the FlipBelt which lays seamlessly under and above clothing. Shop it here for $29.
A Pocketable Parka
Similar to the foldable bag, wear this lightweight but sturdy parka when needed and store it easily after use. Shop it here for $40.
A First-Aid Kit
Carry a standard first-aid kit in the event of a mini-emergency. Shop it here for $6.
A Tough Shell Suitcase
We'd probably avoid canvas suitcases as they probably can't take a beating too well. Shop this hard shell suitcase here for $150.
A Travel Charger
May your phone never fall below 5% while out in the wilderness. Shop this popular travel charger here for $29.
A Pair of Multipurpose Shoes
What we love about these shoes is how easily they can go from day to night. Shop them here for $59.
A Whistle
Better safe than sorry. You never know when you may need one. Shop it here for $8.
A Set of Sturdy Document Folders
When traveling abroad, keeping track of your documents is essential. Make sure you have sturdy folders to properly store documentation. Shop them here for $2.
A Wrap-around Scarf with Pockets
When traveling solo, try and find as many multipurpose items as possible, like this scarf with its pockets and wrap around design. Shop it here for $98.
A Headlamp
If you find yourself in a dimly lit area or you're alone at night, this headlamp will help guide the way. Shop it here for $13.

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