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How To Dress For A Full Workweek Without Ever Wearing A Tie

Free the neck.

Remember how easy life was when mom laid out your clothes every morning?

Let this list do that for you.

Here's all the inspiration you need to set out your whole week's worth of clothes, without having to wear a stuffy tie. With a business-casual environment in mind, we've pulled images from the best of social media, including menswear stylists, brands and bloggers, all showing you how to dress your best self this week.


Creamy blue shot by @parkeryorksmith 👌🏼 #1dapperst

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Here, a subdued blazer, gray sweater and khakis are anchored by dark suede boots. Featuring soft edges, the clothes here are cut trim which makes them a comfortable, professional look for the start of the week. Don't overthink it -- it's just Monday.


Tuesday's great for keeping things minimal -- and sure, the above look is super-Soho, but you'll look sharp in the same combo. A faux suede shirt works because the earth tone contrasts with the black of the pants and hat, and is loose, while the pants are decidedly not.


Layers are a great substitute for a tie, and they also give you some room to play around with textures. Here, a herringbone baseball jacket counters the ribbed sweater beneath it. Keep it all casual by going sockless in a pair of Vans. Swap out the blazer for a hooded jacket (it works especially well if it's raining), and creamy white denim.


A long-sleeved striped T-shirt (the classic James Dean/Warhol/Picasso look), still as dependable as it ever was, is dressed up here by solid blue slacks and a dark blue blazer. If the pants are slim enough, they'd look great with a set of brown boots that match your belt.


Go big on Friday and pretend you're on the pier in Italy, like Fabrizio Oriani up there, by rolling up your khakis and putting on white sneakers. A shearling-lined denim jacket and gray tee are practically begging for that 5 p.m. happy hour (of wine and cheese, obviously).