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What True <i>Healing</i> Stands for

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I believe we all are on a healing journey since the moment we arrived on this planet Earth in a physical body. If you want to experience true healing and enjoy more wellness and happiness in your busy days, I invite you to choose wisely how you regularly nurture your body and feed your soul.

Start by incorporating small actions that don't take much of your time and make small gradual positive changes in your routines. You will be amazed at how life smiles at you!

● Hydrate well with water all day long
● Hug yourself and tell how much you love you as often as possible
● Hop in one foot and dance to your favorite music when feeling down
● Honor your inner wisdom and have faith, everything is well in your world
● Hold onto your positive thoughts and get rid of all negativity in your life

● Eat a well-balanced healthy diet that is right for you
● Establish healthy habits one at the time
● Express gratitude for all the blessings you receive daily
● Engage in a physical activity you enjoy and that fits into your busy schedule
● End sugar cravings and energize your body the right way

● Arrange your schedule in a way you always find time to exercise, rest and recharge
● Align your energy with your passions and priorities and master time-efficient methods to get important things done
● Add quick and easy nutritious recipes into family menu
● Ask the right questions and you will find the right answers
● Accomplish your goals by taking baby steps in the right direction

● Love what you do and do what you love
● Learn about new foods and how to easily incorporate them
● Laugh every day and enjoy little those magic moments life offers
● Leave behind your fears and worries and live your life to the fullest
● Lessen your risk of chronic disease by practicing healthy habits

● Instinctively make healthy choices by listening to your body's messages
● Lose the extra weight without cutting out your favorite foods
● Increase your energy levels by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle
● Improve your whole family's health and well-being
● Improve your self-image and feel great in your body today

● Nurture your relationships and take care of the people you love
● Negotiate the new rules that support you towards living a better and happier life
● Narrow down your top goals and set an action plan to achieve them
● Nurture every cell of your body the very best you can
● Nourish your soul with positive thoughts and be kind with yourself

● Give yourself permission to be bad, play the 80/20 diet and indulge once in a while
● Get others to support you in making changes by working as a team
● Go to places and do things you never thought were possible
● Glow in health as you were meant to since the beginning
● Grow as a person and expand your horizons to new possibilities

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