What Type of Tech Job Applicants Offer the Best Performance


As the tech job sector continues to grow in the United States there is a constant competition going on between employers to get the best talent available. However, there is a true disconnect between many businesses looking to hire talent and what the high tech worker really wants from a job. Many businesses are undervaluing culture and overvaluing wages. Many believe this leads to lower retention and production. I thought it would be interesting to dive into a recent report done by The JDL Group and a technology consulting firm, Paige Technologies. The February 2014 data and study focused on a survey of 275 high tech job candidates. Many of the key takeaways were very interesting and should be eye-opening for c-suite level employees. All of the results and assessments have a direct effect on predicting job performance.

1. Tech Job Applicants Value Projects Over Profits And Power

Yes, tech job seekers would rather work on interesting projects over jobs that pay them higher. Tech workers in demand would much rather build cool things that function well and look good than make more money. They truly enjoy science and aesthetics way more than affiliation and commerce. A focus on quality is very important, as well as the surroundings they work in. Tech job applicants have a deep desire for knowledge and real enthusiasm for curiosity. They are motivated by the value of security and entertainment of the work rather than the power and recognition from peers, as well as public praise the work brings to them. Employers need to understand motives and values of the tech job seeker if they want to recruit the best and the brightest in the tech world.

2. Tech Job Applicants Are Conscientious

The best of the best in the tech industry are prudent individuals who are inquisitive. They are imaginative and quick-witted. They are visionaries who have self-control and are organized. They are not status seekers and act more often than not as team players. They share the ideals and believe in the big picture of the project or business. The top tech job seekers tend to be quick and independent book and theory learners rather than practical and hands-on.

3. Tech Job Applicants Are More Cautious Than You Think

Many think top tech talent employees are bold individuals. However, they are not overly self-confident and are willing to listen to advice. They are very cautious and resistant to change and reluctant to take even reasonable chances for fear of negative evaluations. The best of the best tech performers are not dramatic and do not need to be noticed. They are not always eager to please and are not reliant on others opinions. They believe in making sure all data and pieces of the puzzle are in place before moving forward and never push the envelope.

4. Tech Job Applicants Are Analytical Thinkers

Tech talent is made up of analytical thinkers. Employers should be looking to hire innovative individuals who hone in on logic and analysis. They will not get as high of performance out of individuals whose judgment is impacted by action or interpersonal motives. Past experience and carefulness is very important.

So what does all this mean and what should an employer's key takeaways be from tech job trends? Compatibility is key. Positive tech job fits are based on many factors, however as more and more assessments are done and this market continues to grow, cultural fit is key. Chris Wood, the Managing Partner of Paige Technologies, believes people create culture, which ultimately becomes what differentiates one organization from the next. "Organizations are really only a representation of the people in them, with stakes high, employers must be diligent about identifying traits and mapping culture," says Wood.

Employers who want the top tech talent should look at assessment results like these to find the best "true fit" for their organization that will lead to the best performance on the job. These individuals will stay the longest and be the most loyal to the organization thus making the business have more appeal to other potential tech job applicants and be more profitable in the long run.

In a world where the tech job market continues to change, employers need to continue to evolve culturally if they want to find employees who are more than just a set a skills, but rather the complete package.

Disclosure: JGrill Media is a consultant of Paige Technologies.

About the Author: Jason Grill is an attorney and the founder of JGrill Media. He is the co-founder of Sock 101 and the host of the Entrepreneur KC Show. Jason contributes regularly to national publications, radio and TV stations. Follow Jason on Twitter @JasonGrill and on Facebook.