This Is The Type Of Underwear Most Men Really Wear

And which type of underwear makes them feel more masculine.

With classic tighty whities, boxers, boxer briefs, long johns, men's thongs -- even men's lingerie -- it seems like there are more types of men's underwear now than ever before.

But how does a guy feel about it all (or does he just go commando and forget about it?) and which one, out of all those types, makes a guy feel the most comfortable in his own skin?

We partnered with AskMen (who wrote about what women think on this subject) and polled 650 guys to find out. Here's what we learned:

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The survey was conducted on from Feb. 9–10, 2016. A total of 650 men were surveyed. The age breakdown was as follows: Under 18 (2 percent), between 18-24 (22 percent), between 25-34 (38 percent), between 35-44 (16 percent), between 45-64 (19 percent) and over 65 (3 percent).

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