What Was Apple Thinking?!!

From Burberry to Apple Dreary!!! What was Apple thinking?

I don't know whether any of you have been in the Apple Stores in Hawaii recently, but their darling wonderful geniuses who help with everything from picking out a new cell phone to dealing with serious problems such as content disappearing from computers have recently been clad in drab drab drab t-shirts. And I mean drab! The kind of color that resembles the Ala Wai canal run off after a heavy rain. Ick!

The color itself might work in Paris or Rome but not in Hawaii. Here, we need lime green, tangerine orange, or raspberry pink to complement the tans skins our Apple heroes sport with their white gleaming smiles that abound in the stores. I myself hang at Ala Moana making movies with my pals Kento, Jeri L, Malcolm, Corey, Jen, and more and love it there. But their surfer physiques are so misplaced in these blah blah blah, and I mean blah t-shirts that I feel compelled to appeal to Apple corporate on their behalves. Just see the photo of a smiling Aaron after retrieving lost data under the "Genius Bar" sign. Not even his amazing smile can brighten that t-shirt!

Not too long ago, a fashion maven was brought to Apple to become Senior Vice President of Retail and On Line Stores. The results, if these t-shirts have anything to do with that decision, are these t-shirts. She had been with Burberry and other fabulous retailers but has not gone from Burberry to dreary. Angela, please be an angel and get these poor hard-working folk into some holiday red or something festive please! What were you thinking???

People come to Hawaii for color and sunshine and fun in the sun! Not to feel like they have just stepped into a mortuary. Sure brown grey is great with the grey steel feel in a Manhattan or a Berlin but give us a break or give the geniuses a choice at the very least, please. Consider it in the spirit of aloha....and for me...please!

Next week I am seeing Danny Boyle, director, and Aaron Sorkin, writer of the new Steve Job movie. I know Steve is watching over the company from heaven. Maybe he can put out an angelic call for red? Thanks, Steve!