What We Can Learn From European Women

The oversized purse, the perfect manicure and the cell phoned pressed against one's ear are all trademarks of the American-made female. It's true that in America our range of beauty supplies, clothing options and array of technologies seem endless. But what can we learn from our female counterparts across the pond? They are seemingly doing more with less. Even without a walk-in closet and a slew of Apple products, when European women hit the streets, they are doing it with style and ease. Here are a few things we can learn from European women.

Don't fuss over your hair, your makeup or your jewelry. Keeping your day-to-day look simple is the best way to always look great. Wear your hair in its natural style to make less work for yourself, or try a simple, slicked back ponytail or bun if you simply have no time for your hair. Keep your jewelry simple and versatile enough to wear with all your outfits. Try only using five makeup products to keep your look basic so it becomes an easy part of your routine.

Scale down your wardrobe. Is it really necessary to have fifteen dress shirts with various patterns? Stick to the basics and see how far your clothing can really go. If clothing items can't be mixed and matched then maybe it's time to consider if they are worth the closet space. Basic, solid colored clothing can be easily used to create multiple outfits. Use accessories to change up your outfits instead of purchasing more clothes. Scarfs and belts are easily interchangeable between outfits and can create unique looks.

Reconsider your purse. The larger your purse, the more likely you are to stash more items into it. Determine if you really need those items or if you can scale down to a smaller purse. There's no need to be lugging that extra weight around with you.

Be nice to your feet. They have to carry you around all day, so save the high heels for a date or special occasion. Wear flat, comfortable shoes that are still fashionable. If you must go for a heel, try a wedge heel instead. It will save your feet and also save you from your heels getting caught in pavement cracks or cobblestone streets. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day.

Engage in your relationships. Stop answering emails. Put the cell phone away in your purse. Look into the eyes of your significant other. Talk about your day, your future and your dreams. Don't worry about what you have to do tomorrow. Don't start working on a mental to-do list. Just enjoy the time you are having together; right now.

Take your time. Sit down to eat your meals. Dine outside if you can, and enjoy your surroundings. Take an interest in people watching. Order a glass of wine and don't let anyone rush you. In a culture where we feel the need to be constantly busy, one can benefit greatly from finding some time to relax and do nothing.