What We Give Away When We Blame


I had a realization recently about something I had been doing that put me in a victim role every time I was doing it. And I think is worthwhile to share this with you.

First, can I say how much I love it when a shift is occurring. Awareness rises, change is happening and boom a new reality is born, that is much better than before, yes baby!

So back to the theme of the post.

The pattern that has held me back is blaming. I didn't realize I was doing this. But I have become aware that one of the reasons I have been holding to some past issues is because I blame others in my life for situations or experiences that has occurred which I don't have a pleasant memory of.

This pattern was a subtle one for me because I wasn't telling myself I blame x for y, z in my life. I do not use that word. Hey, I don't even consider myself as a blamer. But I feel it. I feel the resentment or anger towards people or circumstances when I think about it.

The more awareness I give to this pattern, the more I am realizing that it is a disempowering thing to do. I give my power to this memory of the past. And what does that do? It keeps me small. It brings me out of alignment and I am feeling off when something triggers the memory.

I am not saying to ignore the feeling. I am choosing it to explore it from another angle. From a place where I stand in my power and see the people as they are, the circumstances that happened as just circumstances. From that place it becomes a neutral thing. The more I look at my "shadow moments" in life from this angle the less emotion it evokes. It loses its power. And at the same time I feel more empowered.

Every time we blame we give our power away. If how you feel depends upon what somebody does or say you give that power to do so. Even if it is a memory. And this may go deep. But if you think about it, when it is somebody else's fault then you can't do anything about it to change it. You have given that power away. To reverse the power exchange we bring the focus back to ourselves, within ourselves and we align to our higher self. By bringing our attention to the present moment, and allow our power to come through we feel balanced, clear and strong. I believe from this place we create the life we love.

Focus on the Light, your Higher Self within. And let the lesser things just be as they are. We don't always have to find out the why in everything. Or at least not in this moment. Be aware that you are more than your shadow. You are also the light. And you are more than welcome to stand in that light.


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