What We Will Be

Right in front you, on your computer screen, your tablet, or your smartphone, you can read and enjoy the latest creation of the Huffington Post Group: Al Huffington Post Maghreb.

Our site's headquarters will be in Tunisia, our Algerian and Moroccan editions will launch before the end of this year, so that we will cover all the countries of central Maghreb. This does not exclude future expansion.

Al Huffington Post Maghreb is a news website with a dual purpose: to deliver "hot" news, occurring every day, happy or sad, serious or light-hearted. We will do this with ambition and professionalism, while seeking a unique approach to make this information more attractive.

Al Huffington Post Maghreb will also be what you make of it. We want to take a step back, and provide a space for debate. This space will be located on our page, and will feature regular and sporadic contributors, who will provide content on their own terms, and frequency, setting a length of their choosing, in their area of expertise. We expect them to share with us their analysis, their outrage, their anger, and their enthusiasm. All opinions are welcome, so long as they provide respect for people and institutions.

Our ambitions are grand, our resources are limited, but our enthusiasm is boundless.

Our editorial team is composed of young journalists who have experience in media, online technology; who have covered politics, culture, sports, and keep a close eye on social media.

News organizations are born, grow, and die too. This is always a setback for democracy. Although, they are not the only places where debate can reside, no one can deny that they are an important part of it.

So when a new editorial project is born, let's take advantage, at least for a few moments, of the small step made towards strengthening a pluralistic democracy.