What Were They Thinking?

Do you think Steve Jobs might have gotten sick, even in part, because of the intense frustration he feels from having launched one of the greatest product lines in human history, just to fumble the ball on the one yard line by choosing AT&T, the worst wireless service in the US, as his iPhone carrier?

Rumor has it a Verizon iPhone is coming. I wanna cry.

Similarly, Howard Schulz must also feel kind of uncomfortable. I am a dyed-in-the-wool Starbucks customer, but my favorite coffee is served with the worst food selection in America. The baked goods at Starbucks are what my friend and I call "Prison Cake", because we imagine this is what comes on your tray in prison at meal time. The baked goods at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are reminiscent of Balthazar by comparison.

What were they thinking?