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What Will You Do Today?

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During these seemingly tough economic times, we've been hearing people say things like, "Now's the time to be strong, have faith and stay focused." This is true, but aren't these the best qualities of a successful businessperson anyway? We've been thinking about this and we've decided that now is the time to try something different, a time to partner up and a time to think outside of the box.

Currently, the world is a classic representation of the book, Who Moved My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson, M.D. If you haven't read the book or listened to the audio CD yet, we highly recommend it. This simple story reveals profound truths about change that give people and organizations a quick and easy way to succeed in changing times.

There are two mice named Sniff and Scurry, and two little people the size of mice living in a giant maze. Their names are Hem and Haw. In the mornings they all head out to find cheese. They find cheese in a place called Station C, and they come back daily to get cheese at that location. They get used to coming to the same place day in and day out, and the cheese is always right where they expect it to be. They are in their cheesy little comfort zone.

One day, they come to the usual spot and the cheese is gone. Someone has moved it. The mice have tiny little brains and they don't question things, so they put on their tennis shoes and head out to find more cheese. But the two smart little humans (using their deductive reasoning) choose to stay put, knowing that whoever took the cheese is bound to return it soon. Needless to say, the cheese does not just magically appear the next day, or the day after, or even the day after that. The story continues on from there as the humans stay in the same place asking the same question over and over again, expecting a different answer.

Here is our question to you: If the economy has moved your cheese, what will you do? Will you sit in one place and pray and hope that it will all work itself out? Will you stick to the same routine while complaining about the economy, the government and the stock market, or will you put on your tennis shoes and go out and find some more cheese?

Have you ever done a project with a joint venture partner? If not, now is the perfect time. In the self-help personal growth industry a new paradigm has emerged over the past few years. Even corporations have been noticing and trying it on themselves. This new paradigm is called win-win-win. It is based on the question, how can I win, how can my partners win and how can our clients and customers win? How can we all win at the same time? This is the type of question that the universe will respond to.

You see, the universe is always responding to what we say or ask. It's always giving us what we ask for. The media has been asking for years now, "So what would happen if the market crashed?" Voila! Now we know! The media loves to ask all the wrong questions and they continue to receive answers to these questions that affect the public.

The law of attraction always gives us what we ask for...s o we had better ask questions that, if answered, will bring us a good result. If we ask the universe, "How can I win, how can my partners win and how can our clients and customers win?" when the universe responds with the answer, we all win and it's a positive result. If we ask, "Why is my company doing so poorly?" and the universe responds to that question... you will have more evidence of your company doing poorly. We're sure this is not the result you were hoping for.

We believe that now is the time to think out of the box. In what ways can you do something completely different than you're used to? Where else could you go look for your cheese? The guy who invented the Pet Rock in the 80's was thinking outside of the box. We would lay odds that he asked the universe for a million dollar idea. You know why we say this? He made a million dollars from his idea after costs and taxes. He sure was thinking outside of the box, wasn't he? Keith himself had a Pet Rock and he bets he looked funny walking it around on the Pet Rock Leash he also bought. It was a great idea and a great example of expanded thinking being put into action. Keith had fun walking his Pet Rock for at least a week or two before he realized what he was doing and shelved it.

What can you do today that is a little bit different than your usual way? Who do you know that owns a business that is similar to yours that you could partner up with on a project? There is strength in numbers. What Pet Rock type of idea could you come up with? If you were thinking outside of the box, what might that look like?

Suggestion: Entertain these thoughts for the day, "What if my business could do well even when it appears impossible? What if I operated as if I fully believed in myself, and my business? What if I really DID believe in myself? What if it were easy to come up with million dollar ideas and act on them?" What can I do today that is moving toward my ultimate goal of business success?

Someone moved your cheese, what will you do? Will you put on your tennis shoes and go find some more cheese? Are you willing to try something different? Feel free to write us with your answers and let us know if you need any support along the way.

Keith and Maura Leon

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