What Women Really Want from Porn

Young woman with pink lips and yellow nail polish holding an orange gumdrop in front of her lips, tight crop.
Young woman with pink lips and yellow nail polish holding an orange gumdrop in front of her lips, tight crop.

Ever wonder why men seem to be less particular about their porn than women? It has nothing to do with a desire for getting aroused and everything to do with context and content. Traditional porn is created by men and for men, meaning it's filmed with a man and his fantasies in mind.

However, massive bodies of research show that men and women yearn for dramatically different types of mastaburatory material. No wonder women aren't interested in traditional porn, they are teased and turned very differently than men.

One of the largest adult tube-sites, Pornhub, ran a study of its female viewers habits in both 2014 and 2015 to try and figure out what women are searching for. The results support what our by women for women, sexual pleasure company, O'actually, has known for years: women want to see women pleasured, experience different endings, and a larger variety of fantasies than presently shown in the mainstream porn tropes.

According to Pornhub's data, women REALLY want to see cunninlingus. Searches for "guy licking pussy" and "pussy licking orgasm" were conducted 722% and 934% (respectively) more often by women than by men.

When women are receiving oral sex, there is a special attention to their pleasure. A non-surprising similarity: men and women both desire to watch an emphasis on their pleasure. However, this means women like to watch cunninglingus and men blow jobs.

The largest body of research analyzing adult online behavior, A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Dr. Ogas and Dr. Gaddam, highlights another key difference amongst the sexes: the desired ending. Findings showed that women aren't interested in the traditional, easily accessible porn out there because so much of it ends with men ejaculating on their faces. "According to a member survey of a leading adult site for women members, the most popular type of sexual content was couples having intercourse. The least popular was facials -- a man ejaculating on a woman's face."

Dr. Ogas and Dr. Gaddam also reveal profound differences between sexual brains of men and women. "Just like the hardwired taste cues on your tongue-sweet, sour, salty, savoury, and bitter-humans have hardwired sexual cues. But though men and women share the same taste cues, their sexual cues are very different. And they work differently: A single cue triggers arousal in the male brain, but a woman's brain requires multiple cues to become aroused. Men's brains form their sexual interests during adolescence and rarely change, while women's sexual interests are plastic and change frequently throughout their lives."

Similarly, Pornhub's stats illustrate that female fantasies are just as salacious, and varied as males. Which is why O'actually is taking matters, and cameras, into their own female hands, by working to produce adult film projects written by women, directed by women, and filmed by women.

Playful, beautiful, and HOT, high quality films will be driven by the big P-word, plot, and show genuine orgasms in steamy situations. Share below if this gets you excited!