What Women Should Love About Donald Trump

During his bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump was questioned about campaign support from women following what was widely seen as his derogatory comments toward them. Er, us. He responded to the question without hesitating.

"Women love me," he proclaimed.

Not only did he not answer the question that was asked of him, but also he jumped straight to the heart of the matter: whether women like him. His feeling is that women do like him. In fact, they more than like him -- women love him.

That is a broad, all encompassing statement. He did not say some women love him. He did not say most women love him. He didn't mince his words there. Does this guy really think that all women love him?

There are women who do not love him; you and I both know this is fact. But he doesn't notice them. In fact, it seems this man has developed a skill that the rest of us could use.

Haters are invisible to him.

That's right. All of us should just take a moment and ponder that for a minute. It appears this guy has the audacity to presume that everyone on earth loves him, and haters don't even exist.

[Pondering time-out.....]

This isn't a trait a candidate wants to flaunt to potential constituents during a political campaign. But isn't it an interesting lesson for those of us who are not running for office? Here is why this is relevant to you. Read the next sections slowly.

What if you modeled this same audacious mindset starting today? Be audacious.

What if you took a moment, imagined that you live in a world where people love you, and they only love you? Be audacious.

What if you were surrounded by people who know you are amazing and unstoppable and worthy? Be audacious.

What if even those whom you have never met automatically love you? Be audacious.

What if there was not a single person on earth who feels an ounce of negative emotion for you? Be audacious.

Imagine living in a universe where this is your truth. Imagine being surrounded by people who are your biggest fans in life. These people think you can do no wrong and love you unconditionally. You can never disappoint them.

Since you are still here, I challenge you right now to take one whole quiet, distraction-free, screen-free, notification-free minute to gift yourself with this world. Would you try wearing audacity like that? Like cozy footie pajamas? Step in, zip up, and bask in it for one minute. If you feel like you need permission, consider this the permission.

[Footie pajama time-out.....]

Now for the biggest challenge of all. If you dare, take another minute, and imagine how your life would change if, this very instant, you are one of those fans of you, too. Basking in that will change you forever, I promise.

If this audacity is good enough for Donald Trump, it's good enough for you.