What Women Want -- From Their Gym

For most of us, visiting the gym is pretty straight forward; we work out, shower (if we're cool with the all-in-one shampoo and conditioner) and move on with our lives, hopefully feeling a bit fitter , or at least less guilty about shelling out close to $100 dollars a month on the membership "deal" we were talked into in January.

But to look at some recent advertisements for gym memberships, you'd think there was much more to it, especially for women. In the latest bizarre gym ad, Orange Fitness, a Russian fitness chain, shows us a woman cracking a chestnut between her muscular buttocks -- and then eating it. The implications of a backside so firm it can crack nuts needs no further exploration here (I'll stick to shelling pistachios by hand, thank you very much), but is a woman in lingerie combined with relatively gross butt humor the best ways to market a gym membership to women?

Orange Fitness isn't the first gym to try to coax women through the door by making exaggerated claims about what a gym membership can do for you. The gym ads below promise everything from a "happily ever after" ending to "brainpower."

Considering that a January 2012 poll by Total Beauty, a beauty and lifestyle site, found that 79 percent of women don't have a gym membership, maybe it's time to look for other strategies?

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