What Women Want From A Man's Apartment: What Are Your Biggest Turn-Ons?

You meet someone intriguing (or at the very least eye-catching) at a party or a bar. You go on a couple of dates -- for a coffee, a beer, a movie, or maybe even a whole meal. After some thought, you decide that it's time ... to see his living quarters.

Going back to the apartment of a man you like can be daunting. You never really know what you'll find there: No toilet paper? Ten roommates with bunk beds? Too many photos of ex-girlfriends? A bag of his baby teeth under the bed? The possible turn-offs are endless -- as detailed by bloggers, women's magazines and television shows.

However, here at HuffPost Women we prefer to focus on the good stuff -- those things in his living space that make you more interested in him as soon as you walk in. Maybe it's a collection of vintage magazines (a curated collection -- we're not into hoarders), or a great piece of furniture he purchased someplace other than IKEA, or the fact that there is not a single dirty dish in his kitchen sink. Below you'll find a roundup of our biggest male apartment turn-ons (gleaned mostly from our friends and co-workers, who will remain nameless), but now we want to hear about yours!

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