What Would Happen If Everything Was Positive?

Do you love quotes that encourage people to be happy and optimistic? Are you committed to shunning negativity and removing darkness from your life?

These are noble intentions, yet there are certain situations where the banishment of negativity could perpetuate a downward spiral. If positivity is your ultimate goal, let’s explore where it might be hard to enforce:

  • In homes where there’s physical, verbal, or emotional abuse, you would have to shrug it off and focus on the good qualities of the abuser.
  • If a person with mental illness or depression was around, their odd behaviors and choice of words wouldn’t be tolerated.
  • If you have a death in the family, forget about experiencing your grief. Anger, tears, and sadness aren’t in the happy spectrum.
  • When talking with your friends, you could only say things like “Isn’t this fun and exciting?” There’s no room for venting or comparing notes about what makes you uncomfortable.
  • At the end of your life, you won’t be permitted to talk about your regrets and shortcomings. Imagine being censored as you take your final breaths.

Having a positive attitude is healthy, but when negativity doesn’t have a voice, it creates a world of denial and dysfunction. For those who view positivity as a righteous path to peace, I’m asking you to slightly alter your approach.

Look at what happened at Wells Fargo. The pressure to perform got the best of them. Some of their employees opened fake customer accounts to bypass punishment for not reaching their company goals. Those who exposed the truth were fired. Those who kept quiet and cheerful were rewarded. In the end, thousands of people suffered, and their brand took a serious financial and emotional hit. Wells Fargo is one of millions who have operated this way. The good news is . . . honesty is now of superior importance to them.

When you hear people complaining about their jobs or shaming and blaming politicians, instead of telling them they should just get over it, you could ask them, “Would you like to brainstorm this together? What kind of support are you needing?” Maybe all they want is for someone to say, “I can see how important this is to you.”

When we let people say what’s true for them, it’s crucial to view it objectively. It’s just information. There isn’t a need to label it good, bad, right, wrong, conservative, or liberal. One of my favorite quotes is, “Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable.” There’s a place for everyone to be who they are. We all have value.

Even Donald Trump, the first openly abusive president we’ve ever had, is serving a purpose. Neither he, nor his supporters, have created racism, misogyny, or homophobia. They were deeply rooted and now have resurfaced. We are all smothered by the positivity façade that is constantly being expected.

The Law of Attraction says to focus on what you want in life and it will manifest. Positivity enforcers often bring this up to maintain their positive-only environments. The thing is the Law of Attraction also says that what you resist will persist. If you’re intolerant of negativity, it’s bound to keep showing up!

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