What Would Noah Do?

Extreme weather events, their intensity ratcheted up by global warming, are coming fast and furious -- and, looked at together, present an alarming pattern.

Two Category 5 hurricanes in August and a third Cat 5 storm this week -- with Wilma getting the “honor” of being classified as the most severe storm ever in the Atlantic. September departed as the warmest month worldwide -- in recorded history. This past summer, more than 200 U.S. cities registered new record high temperatures. And eight days of non-stop rain pounding the northeast broke 100 year old rainfall records, causing floods in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. What is going on?

There was a thunderstorm in Los Angeles the other night, something that generally occurs once in a blue moon. It put every member of my family -- including the 50 pound dog -- into our bed. It’s starting to feel downright biblical. Warren Buffet has it right when he talks about global warming by referencing Noah and the Ark. He points out that when Noah was warned about the coming floods, he didn’t wait for them to arrive to start building the Ark. He heeded the warnings and prepared. Noah had no alternative but to build and wait. We, on the other hand, have a choice. We can take action now.

And remember, Noah’s Ark only held two of each species. That ain’t gonna fly this time around.