What Would You Do?

There is a TV show called "What Would You Do?" It shows people in circumstances that require others to step in, intervene, do what is right. Some people do. Others walk away.

I always wonder what I'd do. Since I am rather feisty, I usually would step up and get involved. Heck, I do it all the time, sometimes when discretion would be better, and even to my detriment! I was chased down a movie escalator by three fat teenagers, but that's another story. ( I hate people who talk in movies.)

But now, I'm faced with a question I never thought of really, or if so, in passing: If I lived in Germany in the late '30s or early '40s, what would I do?

As a Jewish person, would I fight back? Would I run? Would I do what would be necessary to survive? Would I speak up to tell the world what was coming?

My father was a voice against Nazism much into my childhood as we lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where there was an active Nazi Bund, well into the Sixties!

At one point, my mother told me they were threatening his life for all the articles he wrote in the newspaper. I convinced him to use his initials, not his name and address, though he is was not happy about that.

Today, I find myself on the modern day media, Facebook, Twitter, dealing with the modern day war on the Jewish People, Hamas terrorism and the rise of anti-Semitism throughout the world. And I am glad to say, I am speaking up. Every day.

Although, I have now received a few veiled threats through comments, whatever the opposite of "likes" are from those who identify as Muslims who support Hamas, and even some non-Muslims who hate Jews.

My friends tells me to "be careful" and be more disguised, but the only thing I did was try to change my city on Facebook. Alas, they do not accept "Somewhere, USA."

I am not going to stop telling facts instead of lies, supporting the country of Israel, which I love and I'm glad that I proved to myself (though I certainly wish the reason and opportunity had not presented itself) what I would do!

'Never again' is the mantra and for good reason! What would YOU do?