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'What Would Your Mother Do' The Latest In Abstinence Apparel (PHOTOS, POLL)

Ah, the Daily Mail -- so in the know about the latest in abstinence apparel. First, there were those rings that read "True Love Waits." And now, well, now there's a line of undergarments shilled by the What Would Your Mother Do (WWYMD) online shop.

The t-shirts and shorts feature sayings like, "Zip It," "Not Tonight" and, of course, "What Would Your Mother Do?" The Mail writes, "While unlikely to sway most youngsters in Britain, the designs will perhaps tap into the growing abstinence movement in the U.S." Brits -- so hard core!

Disclaimer: we are in no way making fun of abstinence. We just truly wonder if this stuff makes a difference. Take a look and tell us if what you think.