What Would Your Warning Label Say?

Recently, I commented on Facebook that my Kleenex box announces that it is "Now Softer and Stronger!" which sounds pretty enlightened to me. My friend Traci responded that it was too bad that people didn't come with obvious announcements like that. In this area I have a small (almost unnoticeable, I think, sometimes) advantage because I read people professionally. It is an interesting idea, though.

If you came with a Warning Label, what would it say? What does the general public need to know when entering the vicinity of You? Here are some Personal Warning Labels some of my Facebook friends gave themselves:

Beth: Caution, handle with care.
Traci: Made in the USA. Unbreakable.
Janelle: Slowly step away from the mood swings ...
Russell: May use (or make up) large words; please check dictionary before chastising.
Shauna: Wisdom from Kleenex. Great! They're comforting our psyches as well as our noses.

Perusing other good warning labels, I found this sign and it looks handy. The title is: Do Not Touch, Live Parts.

Demonstrating the importance of comma placement, this is a real sign that we can purchase and I suppose flash when necessary (www.labelident.com).

These funny labels made me think about myself. Here's some I thought would be informative as I played with the idea:

Curves Ahead!
This Vehicle Stops Frequently
Under Construction
Hang On to Your Wigs and Car Keys
Slippery When Wet
(come on, that was just funny)

The personal warning label I ended up picking was:
Objects in this Mirror are Closer than They Appear.

How about you? What is your Warning Label? What's your sign?

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