What Would Zack Morris Do In 2013? Mark-Paul Gosselaar On Catfishing, Gluten And More (VIDEO)

What would Zack Morris do in 2013? You're about to find out. Mark-Paul Gosselaar sat down with Paul F. Tompkins to revisit his "Saved By the Bell" character with a modern spin.

Even though it's been nearly 20 years since he last played Zack Morris, Gosselaar seemed pretty in-tune with how the characters would react to our modern times. Check out the video above, and read some of his best answers below:

What does Zack do when he and Slater are "catfished" by Screech over Facebook? "Zack knew it was Screech catfishing because Zack had Screech do it, so Zack already knew."

What does Zack do after making fun of Crossfit, but then is ultimately shamed by the Kelly and Jessie at it? "The girls would help him, so now he's got the girls around him ..."

What does Zack do when he agrees to go gluten-free, but then gets caught with a pizza? "It's gluten-free pizza, stupid."

What does Zack do when Slater comes out of the closet? "Zack Morris would say that it's OK because he has another friend who's in the close, Jessie Spano who we all know was the resident lesbian on 'Saved By the Bell,' and that it's OK to like the same sex."



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