How to Become a Great Leader

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Brett Berhoff talks about how to become a great leader

We all have the potential to become great leaders!

There are many great leaders today and in the past who have accomplished incredible goals. Many of them have a core group of traits that they share with each other. Understanding these characteristics helps us achieve greatness in our life.

Like me or hate me, there is still something you like about me!

Great leaders have tremendous charisma. Sometimes we find this in the purest form, where a leader can meet anyone for the first time, and immediately make them feel at ease. The person they have met feels as if they may have met before. Coming from a person of power, the charm comes off as a surprise to many, thus the reason this person is where they are today. On the other end of the spectrum, some successful leaders aren't so charming, but somehow they find a way to intrigue us and play to our curiosity. Find your groove, own it, and rock it out!

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The Strategy that doesn't work is the strategy that I already forgot about!

Great leaders are masters of strategy and management. Real-time strategy is worked into their conscious and subconscious mind as they make it through their day. They have the ability to see the fine detail in the present moment and foresee the big picture in the future. They also recognize when a strategy is working, and can stomach when it is not working (even if it was their idea). Choose strategies that work and forget the ones that don't!

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Lead the the way and don't worry about what they say!

In studying the emerging growth of great leaders, many were at one time thought to be crazy. Their ideas, grandiose thoughts and actions were over everyone's head. Ultimately, many of these ideas were proven to be true, and the ones who didn't have anything nice to say became true believers of the Leader. Lead at all costs, even if there are no followers!

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Turn down the volume, relax, and focus on the game

Great leaders are experts at quieting the noise. In a leadership role, they are experiencing the maximum amount of distraction. There is no room for noise if you want to achieve peak performance. Learn to tune it out, turn it down, and win the game!

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Wake Up the Sleeping Intuition Giant

We are born with primitive intuition. Some have a more natural ability as it relates to instinct and intuition in certain situations. Find where this sense shines in you, and wake it up! Don't worry; intuition doesn't need much sleep. Use intuition like the great leaders, and live a successful life!

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What leadership traits do you admire? What do you share in common with great leaders? Please
share your comments below.


Brett Berhoff is an entrepreneur and influencer. He is sought after by corporations and individuals for his innovative thought leadership and strategic expertise.

Brett is featured in the Harvard Business Review, TheStreet, The Goodmen Project, and Linkedin PULSE (alongside Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Suze Orman, Richard Branson, Mike Bloomberg, and more).

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