What You Learn as an Intern

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I’ve learned a great deal through internships. A lot of technical knowledge about my field and about myself. Here are some of the main things I’ve learned and what you can expect to learn as well.

1. You’ll adjust to a 9-5pm

You may not adjust quickly, as college schedules are much more friendly. You’ll have to learn to go to bed early, iron your clothes in advance, plan when you put gas in your car and “be a real adult”. You’ll learn whether you like having flexible hours or consistency. Knowing your preferences becomes very valuable when choosing your first full-time job.

2. Everyone is a resource

Be more open and friendly. Try and make conversations with people during your breaks and network with them. Making a good impression is important.

3. You’re valuable

You will feel more confident that you make a good employee, and you wouldn’t feel as worried about finding a job. It is common for the company you’re working for to offer you a full-time job if you have been a good intern.

4. The interns are your friends

Try not to think of your internship as a competition. Your boss wants an employee that will work well with others. It becomes very noticeable and awkward if you try and compete with your fellow interns.

5. Exploring your options

You’ll discover new job titles you’ve never heard about! You might even realize than you don’t want to work in the field you thought you did, and that’s okay. Stay open minded about your career path and explore your options.

6. Professionalism

You’ll learn about what to highlight on your resume, how to dress, when to send thank you notes, the next steps to take in your career and more.

7. Staying positive and working hard

At some point you may feel a bit burned out. Usually interns work on lengthy tasks. Stay positive and continue to work hard. Your efforts will not go unrecognized.