The One Question That Captures The Bittersweet Reality Of Divorce

"I lost my husband in my divorce. I gained myself."

It's easy to dwell on everything you've lost after divorce. Gone are the dreams you shared with your spouse for the future. For many, gone, too, is the financial security of a two-person household.

But what about all you've gained -- or eventually will gain -- from this new lease on life?

As a reminder that life can get better post-split, we asked HuffPost Divorce bloggers and readers on Facebook to answer a simple prompt: What's one thing you lost in your divorce -- and what's one thing you gained? See their inspiring answers below then share your response in the comments.

1. "I lost financially in my divorce. But I gained emotionally. I got myself back: My self-confidence, self-respect and a fresh start." -- Jenny Kanevsky

2. "I lost a house, a family member and so-called friends. I gained self-love, clarity and the ability to be me without having to walk on eggshells." -- Kara Rachelle Pickering

3. "I lost my first love in my divorce. I gained the chance for a forever love." -- Laura Lifshitz


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5. "I lost family and friends who chose to judge rather than ask me why. I gained the benefit of knowing who truly supported and loved me unconditionally and the freedom to build my own version of a happy, healthy home for me and my kids." -- Tyler Wimberly Castleman

6. "I lost a financially comfortable lifestyle but I gained strength and insight into who I really am." -- Glory Walling St. Laurent

7. "I lost the security of being a traditional family unit in my divorce. But I gained independence, self-esteem and happiness in an unexpected way." -- Jackie Pilossoph

8. "I lost my boat, my truck and my home. I gained my beautiful, strong daughter." -- Paul Can'tu

9. "I lost my place at the table in my divorce. But I gained my place in the world. It wasn't until after I left, and was alone, on my own, that I stopped to think: Who am I? What was it I wanted to do with my life? What made me happy? That's when life started over and realized I had dreams and ambition. I could make my mark." --Marie Forster


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11. "I lost the dream I had for the future, but I gained the realization of my purpose in life: helping people get the most out of their lives and careers. I know for certain, had I stayed married, my life now would be completely different." -- Honorée Corder

12. "I lost a lot of money but I gained my sanity." -- MaryAnn Lamb

13. "I lost my husband in my divorce. But I gained a friend, ally and co-parent." -- Pamela Smith

14. "I lost the constant condescension. I gained self-respect." -- Jenifer Lunde-Elder


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16. "I lost my financial security. But I gained my independence and strength -- and lo and behold, the financial security came back, only this time I'm also happy. Life is good." -- Jess Nelson

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