What You Missed This Winter

This week in New York City is looking to be one filled with mild temperatures and some respite from Winter's Wrath. The break in brutal temperatures always sends people out in celebration. Even the typically quick gait of the city's residents slows just a bit--a sigh of relief after weeks of snowstorms followed by freezing temperatures.

We had Juno, the little blizzard that couldn't. It may not have been as devastating as one would have thought, but the adage "better safe than sorry" holds true here. Not only that, but if you were paying attention, the streets were empty. It made for some gorgeous views.

For a lot of us, hurriedly walking through the streets of NYC is the default setting for pedestrian travel. Anything that impedes that travel is an annoyance--tourists, crowds, and snow all fall into this catch-all category. For a lot of us, we skip past the snow and look at the ice, slush, and all the inconveniences that come along with it. When we think "snow", we often associate it with this:

However, when you take the time to look around, it can look like this:

I hope that, while you were rushing through the slush and sludge, you took a moment to pick your head up and take in some of the beauty. Winter probably won't be missed by many around here, but when you don't focus on the slippery conditions and shoveling, it makes a lovely impression. With all of that said, bring on spring!

All photos by DeShaun Craddock.