What You Need To Think About After The Orlando Massacre

So here's what you need to think about now that the ruthless murder of 50 of my brothers and sisters has sunk in.

- If one of these queens was lucky enough to survive and is currently in the hospital waiting for some life-saving surgery, his friends cannot give blood because a Neanderthal homophobic law forbids them from doing so.

- At least a few of those that lost their lives yesterday were closeted, you can almost be sure of that. Now imagine finding out that your son or daughter was gay but was too scared to share that with you because you did not provide an environment that made him or her feel safe enough to come out. Your dead son or daughter was afraid to show you who they really are.

- For many of the people who are sitting in their hospital beds in critical condition, their boyfriends or girlfriends will not be able to visit them because they are not considered family.

- There are going to be lots of funerals this week in Orlando. Many of them will be in churches, synagogues, mosques that just last week were preaching about how sinful homosexuality is and what an aberration it is. They have blood on their hands.

- Inheritance lawsuits will be a thing, because families will try to deny rightful lovers any access to the dead's belongings. And the families will likely win the lawsuits.

- Governments the world over will speak out against the attacks, all the while continuing to persecute LGBTIQ people in their countries.

- Politicians will try to gain political gains from these murders, by saying that they do not support such blatant homophobia, though they've done almost nothing to protect LGBTIQ from homophobia, at home, in the office, in the bathrooms, at school, in churches, or just in a fucking nightclub.

- Both presidential candidates have a horrible record when it comes to LGBTQ rights. Don't be fooled by political banter.

- Nightclubs are sacred places for gay people. They are our shelter, our safe place, our homes. An attack on a gay club shatters our sense of safety. On the dark, sweaty, thumping dance floors, surrounded by our brothers and sisters, we emerge as sublime beings. When you attack our nightclubs, through guns or through laws, you destroy us.

- This is not the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Wounded Knee was much worse. The point here isn't to argue about which community lost more people. The point here is that minorities have been massacred for centuries, and the government has played an active role in it. Omar killed 50 people yesterday. The U.S. government killed 300 of its own people a hundred years ago.

- Guns kill people. It's a man with a gun that killed my brothers and sisters yesterday. Fuck your second amendment.

- Hug a gay today. But for fuck's sake, don't congratulate yourself for doing so. And don't stop at a fucking hug. Homophobia won't end overnight.

- Every single LGBTIQ person in the world is a hero. If you don't realize how heroic it is to be yourself when absolutely every single entity has been built to destroy you, then you don't have a clue how widespread homophobia is.

- We are fragile, but we are fierce. We are a global community that has been raped, kicked out on to the streets, abandoned, murdered, tortured, imprisoned, mocked, and used as a scapegoat for centuries. Yet we remain, strong as ever, resilient, unified, and revolutionary. We are amazing, we are beautiful, we are survivors.