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What You Should Actually Be Putting on Your Toast Instead of Avocado

The good news is that there is a new toast topper in town. Basically avocado's twin sister. Her name is banana.
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BREAKING NEWS: Our dear friend avocado toast (in all of its salt-and-pepper, hot sauce, pomegranate seed, goat cheese topped glory) has officially been Instagrammed, Pinned, hashtagged, tweeted and eaten to death. He's been overused, overexposed, and is quite frankly just getting old.


The good news is that there is a new toast topper in town. Basically avocado's twin sister. Her name is banana.


Now here is where you're probably thinking whaaa? I've seen banana toast already--in fact, all the time. Throw a little peanut butter on a piece of toast, slice banana into coins, and there ya go. During which time you're stuck doing something like this:


But here's where the banana proves us wrong. Instead of the boring old banana slices that sometimes slide off the toast or leave you with a bland bite of no banana at all--this banana toast revolution changes everything because the banana is MASHED.

Bananas, like avocados, have a ton of health benefits, but also fruit for breakfast/snacks makes more sense anyways. So mash that baby up just like an avocado and violá. It's the perfect time to put bananas like this to use:


Because they're too mushy to slice, you're starving, and you can't wait for banana bread to be made--all you have to do is peel back one section, take a fork to it...


And then spread it on toast...


Welcome to the world of eeeeeendless banana toast possibilities. Think of how many more bread opportunities alone we have now. Avocado on cinnamon swirl bread? Don't think so. Mashed banana? Heck yeah. Here are a few fantastic examples to get you inspired. Start banana-mashing.

Mash up your banana and spread on toast, sprinkle a little bit of salt (Trust me on this one, also avocado's twin sister remember?) and then some cinnamon, top it off with a generous drizzle of peanut butter.