5 Steps to Maximize Your Company's Blogging, Social Media or Content Marketing Campaign

Does your company hire someone to manage a blogging, content marketing, or social media campaign? If so, it's important you utilize them correctly to get maximum benefit for your business. Here's a good example -- a client of mine recently asked the question about my blogging and social media services:

"What should I be doing on my end to help?"

Great question, and I appreciate him asking. I put a few thoughts together as an answer:

1. Share.

Whether I'm writing two blogs a week for you or two blogs a day, take advantage of the material custom-made to engage your target market by sharing it yourself. Take the posts and social media links and repost them, comment, post them on your personal pages, and give them to your coworkers, friends, and business associates to share. Remember that blogging and content marketing services are not intended to replace the conversation you're having with your audience, but to give you a good reason to converse with them. Use it!

2. Every day, write down...

I don't know what's going on in your office every day -- I can't hear the conversations you're having on the phone or in meetings. So for me to keep my finger on the pulse of what your clients want, it's important that you document some things for me. Keep a notepad on your desk and jot down questions your clients ask and issues, challenges, and problems they're facing. Write down examples, victories, and the human stories that arise every day. No detail is too small. Those are the real life topics I want to put into our blogs and marketing materials!

3. Give things away.

I encourage my clients to always focus on providing value, and a great way to do that is to give eBooks, white papers, special reports, guides, etc. away fore free. It's the best way to establish trust, credibility, engage clients in a conversation, and build a relationship without being "salesy."

4. Synchronize your sales cycle.

The greatest blog in the world won't help you if your audience has nowhere to go once they are done reading it because there's no call to action. A good blog will be on your company webpage, and instantly ask for feedback, offer something for free, offer another link to a related topic, etc. Those will help you collect email addresses, and you should be sending a mass email to your database about 1-2 times a month. All of these things flow into each other, keeping them moving through the sales cycle efficiently until they end up as loyal, paying clients.

5. Provide me feedback.

I want to hear from you -- what do you like, what topics interest you or will be well received by your audience, what ideas do you have, what problems and challenges are you facing, where do you need a boost over your competition, what would you like to do differently? My goal is not just to follow the job description we set forth and earn a paycheck -- my goal is to always to exceed expectations and take an active, caring role in growing your business exponentially. Only with feedback can I do that.


Good luck,and please contact me if you have any questions. I'd love to help!