What You Should Know About Politically-Engaged Black Millennials

This report shows that young people of color are taking a stand.

At least 71 percent of black millennials feel they have the ability to make a difference through political participation. These young people of color are taking a stand on the issues that matter to them, according to research from The Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago.

On Wednesday, The Black Youth Project released a report on black millennials that showed the ways young people of color are engaged in political and social issues in comparison to their white counterparts.

The Black Youth Project is a national research project that began at the University of Chicago in 2004. According to the organization's website, the group focuses on examining the attitudes, resources and culture of African-American youth from the ages of 15-25 with an emphasis on empowering marginalized people of color.

Among the most interesting findings from the report is that in 2012 the level of voter turnout for black millennials was higher than that of white voters of the same age. The Black Youth Project summed up its findings in an infographic (below) that details the 10 things you should know about black millennials, politics and policy.

The full report is available on The Black Youth Project's website.

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