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What You Truly Need To Know About Healthy Eating Habits in the 21st Century

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Everyone has their own belief system on healthy eating habits. With the plethora of information out there, who should you believe when you really want to lose an extra 10 lbs or fit into those pair of skinny jeans?

All the information out there can be confusing.

"You need to try this formula!"

"Follow this trend or you'll be overweight forever."

This can become so overwhelming that you just want to hide out in your sweats and binge on some fries, ice cream, and another donut before the hubby comes home from work.

What if what you really need to know has nothing to do with a specific diet?

That's exactly what Matt Jager, health expert and co-founder of True Wellth tells us in the latest episode of Your Success Launch:

About the Expert & Host

Matt Jager, Expert is a wellness activist, yogi and co-founder of True Wellth. His life mission is to transform the healthcare and food system in this country, so that every single person has access to the tools and support they need to look and feel their best, control their health, own their happiness and revolutionize their well-being. GRAB MATT'S FREE CHIPOTLE METHOD GUIDE to 5-MINUTE MEALS and A RECIPE SAMPLER.

A seven-year student of yoga and meditation in a variety of traditions, he trained for four years under Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, a bestselling author, spiritual teacher and world authority on plant-based nutrition at the Tree of Life Center in Patagonia, Arizona.

Max DuBowy, Host is the Chief Peace Officer of Your Success Launch where he shows you how to love and accept yourself unconditionally through positive psychology and mindfulness habits that actually work.

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