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What You Want Wants You Too!

Being human is an always expanding evolutionary journey that we all can experience -- but the true gift, at the heart of everything, is the ability to simply be.
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It's a very hot and cute present in love.
It's a very hot and cute present in love.

You know the old saying -- when one door closes, another door opens. What might seem at first glance to be a disaster can often lead to a wonderful opportunity, one that couldn't have happened had the status quo been maintained.

Amazingly, what you were wanting was waiting there, simply waiting for a shift to happen. These breaks -- or breakdowns -- allow for a realignment in how the heart, body and mind connect. This alignment is vital in order for you to receive what you're asking for, and life-as-teacher will always show you where you are not aligned!

If you're hanging on to old programs, old ideas about the self and old conditioning, it's hard to move on. Here are some tips to get the programs shifting:

1. Re-language and reinvent your life

Life will constantly offer opportunities for you to reinvent yourself. Speak about yourself in positive terms, always -- the hurtful things you say about yourself cut deeply... and don't allow positive growth. Do your words support you in receiving your heart's desires, or do they support your limited mind set?

2. You're a human-becoming-being

As we re-invent ourselves, we get to see what we'd like to be experiencing versus what we're actually experiencing, and we get to see who we'd like to become versus who we are.

It starts with being able to be with "what is", right here, right now. Only then, from a point of
non-resistance, can the next magical moment occur, where life takes a new direction and you are taken on a new journey into the next moment of now...

Update your thinking mechanism, find the gift in misfortune and turn it into triumph. Let your pain inspire gain, and make choices that support your becomingness as you simultaneously enjoy the beingness! This only happens when you're willing to risk everything, to abandon the comfort zone for growth. If it's uncomfortable, then you're more than likely stretching yourself and creating miracles.

3. Seeking leads to focused action

Are you here to win? To find opportunity and discover the majesty in everything you do? Then it starts with focused intention, on whatever it is you are seeking. What you focus on, will become. So focus on action, deliberate intentional "doing while being".

4. Inquire

Inquire -- delve -- discover what's there! See the distorted self-limiting belief systems that hold you back from having your heart's desires- - whether that be romance, money, community or simple happiness.

In order to discover the truth of what's real for you, life requires you to pull back the filters and discover your personal truth. Everything that is done, said or thought is made up anyway -- so make up something that resonates with who you really are! Infinite possibilities come when we tap into our infinite potential to become, do or say anything!

The shift happens when your perceptions align with the flow of life. If we force, block, judge, demand or set limits, no course correction can happen, and we will stay on the same circular track. The acceleration occurs when mind, body and spirit (source energy) are in alignment.

5. Realign to Divine Time

How do we do this? By spending time quietly going within -- whether that's through meditation, by hiking in nature, or singing and dancing -- going within allows you to find the rhythm of you. When the whole self aligns to its natural tune, all the blocks and locks are automatically opened up -- you need do nothing other than allow this to happen. Life organizes the perfection of this divine timing.

If life throws you a curved ball -- grab it anyway! Know that this is life's plan for you right now...and it will inevitably lead you to where you want to be. You just might not be able to see it yet, but what you want wants you too -- that's the law of attraction in action.

6. Eyes wide open

Find the blessing in everything. Be grateful for the ups and downs, as everything leads you to the next expression of who you are, and what you truly want to receive.

But are you really seeing what's before you, or are you seeing through the veil of illusion that distorts the truth of what's happening right now. If your perception is -- this is bad, learn to say -- my mind tells me this is bad, but is this truly how it is?

7. I AM

If you're not where you want to be right now, don't fret. Some things just take time to develop; simply refocus, without resisting what is there right now.

If healing is needed, talk to the cells in your body, and tell them a new story -- one that emphasizes health, restoration and balance.

Magic happens in the present moment of beingness and for-giving. Let everyone off the hook! Set free all those you've made responsible for your state of being ! No victim here; instead, be an empowered deliberator and creator!

We fall and then we rise again.. A child doesn't stop trying to walk when it falls; it just keeps using its strength to make one more step, until walking becomes effortless and fun.

Being human is an always expanding evolutionary journey that we all can experience -- but the true gift, at the heart of everything, is the ability to simply be.