What Redditors Wish They Knew Before Starting College

Major 🔑 alert: Know the magic of leaving your dorm door open.

Last week, someone on the AskReddit thread put up a question that led to some invaluable knowledge: “What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting college?”

We went through and grabbed a few responses that were totally on point and embedded them below. But there are thousands of comments, so if you want some more advice, you’ll have to go check out the actual Reddit thread. 

Go to class, visit your professor’s office hours, and if nothing else ― leave your dorm door open!

Read the nutritional facts of what you’re scarfing down in the dining hall.

Joining a frat might not be the worst idea.

Don’t forget your keys!


Don’t obsess over dating.

You might know a thing or two, but not enough for a 400-level class as a freshman.

Federal public loans are better than private student loans.

And last but not least: call your mom!