What Your Favorite Vacation Destination Says About You

Where you choose to spend your hard-earned (and often not taken) vacation days says a LOT about you. Do you choose to flop yourself down on a beach book in hand or explore a new city? Do you choose to hike that mountain or hit the bar?

Each city, country and island has a pre-conceived reputation for drawing a certain type of traveler. We're here to perpetuate those stereotypes.

Here's what your favorite (or often-chosen) vacation destination says about you.

You like...

...Paris: You’re a romantic with a taste for the finer things in life. You swoon over spending hours wandering art museums, walking cobblestone streets and eating dainty pastries.

...London: English is your favorite language, you love quaint city streets, good beer, words that sound longer than they actually are and still maintain the teensiest, tiniest crush on Will (despite the unfortunate hairline).

...Canada: You enjoy a quick escape to a foreign country, but don’t want to go very far. You’re probably a hockey fan who enjoys being surrounded by lots and lots of snow. You count down the days until your next ski trip in Vancouver or at Mont Tremblant.

...Amsterdam: You’re carefree, but cultured, and like to have a good time. You revel in the debaucherous side of this city while also taking in it’s cultural icons, like the Van Gogh museum, tulip gardens and the Heineken Factory (which has the best of both worlds!).

...St. Bart’s: You’re most likely either a high roller, a celebrity or a celebrity hanger-on. You think spending time on a tiny island with a bunch of half-naked Europeans is just awesome.

...Ireland: Your last name probably starts with a Mc or an O’ or you’ve attached yourself to someone(s) of the sort. You’re a big fan of breathtaking scenery and idyllic little towns and you don’t mind a little historical sightseeing because, after all, castles are pretty cool, so long as you can finish off your day with a pint.. or three.

...Dubai: You have flashy style (or want flashy style), like large malls, tall buildings and a mix of cultures all in one place while seeming very “Western.” You don’t mind the heat AT ALL.

...Greece: You like your travels to have a healthy mix of history, beach time, food and parties. You firmly believe feta cheese should be used on everything and love the feel of salt left on your skin after a dip.

...Australia: You’re a rugged traveler who loves all things outdoors. Exotic animals are your pals, the water is your home and you can find any excuse for a party. Bonus: You’re looking for a view of the other side of the world but don’t want to step too far outside of your comfort zone... you’ll feel right at home down under.

...Bali: You read "Eat, Pray, Love" -- who are we kidding, you watched the movie

...Italy: You like to indulge in all things bad for you, including wine, cheese, carbs and gelato. You enjoy art and culture and long for the chance to spend hours wandering art museums and ancient ruins.

...Spain: You’re not a snob who cares about seeking out Europe’s best food… or about being in a top-notch cosmopolitan destination… or about high-class arts and culture. You kind of just like to drink and yell in the streets about bull fights and soccer games with the passionate Spanish people. Then go out HARD and nap (siesta holllaaa).

...Southern California: You know your celebrity culture, and you’ll spend any amount it takes to follow them from one glitzy L.A. bar/club/pool to the next. OR you’re a young, super-active, fit beach bum who comes to get some fresh air and awesome waves with other kiddos your age.

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