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What Your Girlfriend Wants You to Know

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Continuing in the "What Your ... Wants You to Know" series of Conversation Catalysts created to help stimulate you having positive and long overdue conversations.

If you're a boyfriend or husband who loves to give advice to a girlfriend or wife who doesn't like listening to it, this might be what's going on. If you think it's true from her end, have her watch it and invite her to tell you more. When you do that, you're less likely to become defensive and more likely to listen.

If you're a girlfriend or wife and trying to get through to a boyfriend or husband whose advice you don't want and whose advice only makes you become frustrated or even angry, give it to your partner and tell him this is what you've been trying to tell him. Then ask him if you can explain it to them.

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Good luck.

P.S. Hope you get to sleep back in the bedroom together tonight.