What Your Handwriting Says About You

Your handwriting is revealing a lot more than you might think.

You might not think twice about your messy signature, but according to graphoanalyst David J. DeWitt, your John Hancock says a lot about who you are.

DeWitt analyzed the handwriting of a few Mashable staffers, and drew some interesting conclusions. If you have small handwriting, for example, you're an introvert, according to DeWitt. Do you use dashes instead of dots over your i's? You may be the type of person who gets easily frustrated.

As for signatures, well, they reveal a lot.

“You made your signature larger than your actual handwriting. It took you a while to design a signature like that," DeWitt told one staffer. "And what it’s saying to me is that you really don’t want people to know who you really are."

Handwriting analyses seem to get personal rather quickly. Last year, psychoanalyst Annette Poizner had quite a bit to say about the signature of Justin Bieber, who signs his first name above his last name.

"When writers write the first name atop the second, they defy the thrust that puts the private self in the background," she wrote in a Huffington Post blog. "Instead the surname, the public self, becomes furniture, if you will, for the personal self. This is the writer who does not quickly surrender personal ego/self in order to give way to public responsibility."

Thinking way too much about your signature now? We don't blame you.

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