What Your Star Sign Says About Your Mothering Style

What Your Star Sign Says About Your Mothering Style

They say that the mother is born with the child, and astrologically speaking, this is true. A whole new persona emerges when you become a mom -- and the reason is written in the stars.

In astrology, the zodiac wheel is divided into 12 segments, or houses, each one representing a different area of life. The fourth house determines your mothering style, how you nurture, and whether you're a touchy-feely type or the family disciplinarian. Depending on your sun sign, each house on your zodiac wheel will be ruled, or governed, by a particular sign. When a sign “rules” a house, that means it exerts a strong influence over whatever that house symbolizes. So, the ruler of the fourth (motherhood) house will color your approach to mothering.

Ever wonder why you feel like two different people in your mom and non-parenting lives? The ruler of your motherhood house is a zodiac sign that’s quite different from your sun/birth sign. For example, a fiercely independent Sagittarius mom has uber-dependent Pisces ruling her motherhood house. As a result, becoming a mom will bring out an entirely different facet of her personality… one that could feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar at first.

Don’t worry -- you don’t have to become an astrologer to learn this. We’ve provided a handy guide to discovering your “momstrology” identity:



Fourth House Ruler: Cancer
Your Mothering Style: Like a crab tightly clutching all that it cherishes, you’re a tad possessive of your wee ones. Children bring out the mother hen in independent Aries, much to your surprise. Since Cancer is driven by emotions, kids can also evoke strong feelings (and at times reactions, which isn’t always a great mix with your hot Aries temper). Mushball alert: if you’ve always been the tough chick, prepare to meet your sentimental side.



Fourth House Ruler:Leo
Your Mothering Style: Proud and regal, you’re the queen of your clan. With showy Leo in the fourth house, you like to spoil your kids and brag about their achievements, putting every trophy and stellar report card on display. You might be the best-dressed mama at drop off or the PTA meetings -- and if you’re not, your child will certainly have serious kiddie style. Lavish birthday parties and elaborate holiday decorations are a given in your family.



Fourth House Ruler: Virgo
Your Mothering Style: With fastidious Virgo in the fourth house, freewheeling Gemini becomes surprisingly type A. Virgo is the sign of health, so you might be a natural mom, into gluten-free alternatives, home birth and eco-chic baby products. Watch a tendency to micromanage your kids, since analytical Virgo can make you a wee bit critical.



Fourth House Ruler: Libra
Your Mothering Style: Mommy and me! Libra is the sign of togetherness, and you can’t get enough time with your kids. (Can you say “joined at the hip”?) Being with your child can have a soothing effect for you both, and with patient Libra here, you love to experience every wonder through their eyes. Libra is an aesthetic sign, so you love shopping for your kid, decorating the nursery and exposing them to the arts. Your kids will be well groomed and well mannered.


leo sign

Fourth House Ruler: Scorpio
Your Mothering Style: Leos already like to be in charge, and with powerful Scorpio here you’re as hands-on as they get. The difference? While Leo is known for courage and openheartedness, Scorpio energy is cautious, even suspicious. Your trademark “trust first, ask questions later” policy does not extend to childrearing. Scorpio is the sign of intimate and permanent bonding, making it hard to cut the cord. While your active involvement in every facet of your kids’ lives is admirable, it can be too much. Learn when to step back and allow them to become their own people.



Fourth House Ruler: Sagittarius
Your Mothering Style: Micromanager no more! With worldly and adventurous Sagittarius in the driver’s seat, you become a free thinker instead of a rigid rule follower. Sure, you may still fret over your kids’ dairy intake or growth chart percentiles (you are a Virgo), but you also expose your children to the wider world, introducing them to cultural diversity, enriching activities and travel. As a mom, you don’t sweat the small stuff the way you normally do. No wonder motherhood is so enjoyable for many Virgos -- you actually let yourself lighten up and have fun.



Fourth House Ruler: Capricorn
Your Mothering Style: Order to chaos? While airy Libras are known as scattered, you benefit from structured Capricorn governing your motherhood house. As a mom, you’re suddenly able to set rules, follow a routine and be an authority figure without worrying that your kids won’t like you. Even the most conflict-avoiding Libra will deal with misbehavior in a firm and commanding way. With your sign’s tendency to run late, parenting can even make you more punctual. Goal-oriented Capricorn can make you worry about status and your children’s future. You’ll be the first in line for preschool applications, or to butter up the admissions counselor at an elite private high school.



Fourth House Ruler: Aquarius
Your Mothering Style: You’re the zodiac’s most intense sign, yet motherhood brings out a laid-back, bohemian part of your nature. With quirky Aquarius shaping your parenting style, you could be the hippest mama in town, dressing youthfully and being a friend and a mom to your kids. Dichotomy alert: while Scorpio gets intensely attached to people, Aquarius is the sign of emotional detachment. This contrast can make you run hot and cold with your kids at times. One minute, you’re possessive, the next, you’re all “live and let live.”



Fourth House Ruler: Pisces
Your Mothering Style: Freedom doesn’t look quite as sweet anymore when your independent sign feels the bonding vibes of nurturing Pisces. While Sagittarians tend to be blunt, compassionate Pisces helps soften your edges, giving you a gentler touch. Under Pisces’ influence watch out for maternal guilt and a tendency to get overwhelmed by the day-to-day details of motherhood. Your normally firm sign can also be a bit of a pushover with the kids, and setting firm boundaries could be a challenge. Your already generous sign might give a little too much; beware any “martyr mom” tendencies from this house ruler.



Fourth House Ruler: Aries
Your Mothering Style: Who’s the boss? Your Capricorn sun sign makes you a natural leader, but take-charge Aries adds an assertive punch. While Capricorn can be reserved, fiery Aries is impulsive and direct, making you a lot bolder in your mama life than elsewhere. You’re also a strong and capable role model, trying things your cautious sign normally wouldn’t. If you know you’ll inspire your kids by taking a risk, you’ll do it. Both Aries and Capricorn are “masculine” signs, so you may end up being the family provider or disciplinarian, acting as stereotypical mom and dad in one.



Fourth House Ruler: Taurus
Your Mothering Style: Who, you? Grounded and structured? Maybe not in your pre-mama lifetime, but when it comes to motherhood, yes! Freewheeling Aquarian mums become master planners under the spell of capable Taurus. Once impossible to pin down, you become a reliable go-to as a mother. Your latent type A inclinations can even come out full force with your kiddos. Elsewhere, your life status might be “It’s complicated.” Here, however, keep-it-simple Taurus helps you prioritize and streamline. It can also make you great with family budgeting, scheduling, party planning, nursery decorating and keeping the day-to-day routines running smoothly.



Fourth House Ruler: Gemini
Your Mothering Style: Mommy or BFF? While Pisces is an old soul, youthful Gemini puts a spring in your step, adding a playful twist to your parenting style. Your kids pull you out of your emotional depths, making you laugh and lighten up. Since Gemini rules communication, open dialogue with your children is essential to you. You might talk for hours, share books and music, and even dress alike, as Gemini is the sign of the twins. A natural nurturer, Pisces tend to overgive and even make excuses for bad behavior. Fortunately, Gemini is not pulled by its heartstrings the way Pisces is, so you’re able to take a step back and recognize when your kid is taking you for a ride.

Excerpted from Momstrology courtesy of It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

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