What Your TV Tweets Say About You?

When the social media frenzy collides with television obsession, sometimes it seems that television viewers are busier writing about their favorite shows than actually watching them.

In the past we had to wait until the morning after to wear our Fame t-shirt to school, Rachel's haircut or to use a catch phrase from SNL at the water-cooler. But social-media gives us the opportunity to do it during the show.

The pithy phrasese are like an entrance code to an ad-hoc, exclusive group based on no common interests at all, other than loving that show.

Since it's a fast-paced world, some people (not you or me of course) skip the stage of actually watching and tweet/fb an emotion about the latest episode instead. To save you time, here is a list of shows and an explanation of what tweeting about them says about the writer:

Mad Men -- I'm a classy person with classy taste and I hope it is noticed by the people who read my classy match.com profile.
The Wire -- I have a lot of patience (but honestly, I only now got to what my TIVO recorded seven years ago).
Game of Thrones -- I can't watch porn in this house so I'm going for second best.
Downton Abbey -- Girls: I'm a bit of a British lady. Guys: I hope the girl that made me watch this show will be easy and won't act like a British lady.
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo -- I feel bad about my intellectual ability but hey...there are dumber people than me and they are happy. Even if it's by eating their snivel.
Orange is the New Black -- I'm willing to pay Netflix/ I'm a proud cord cutter that downloaded all the series illegally
Girls -- I'm older than I consider myself.
The Walking Dead -- I don't faint when I see blood
Two and a Half Men -- I am the most average person in the world and I want the world to know it.
The Hour -- I like to watch shows that nobody has heard of/ I can understand British accent.
The Sopranos -- I was smart already in the last millennium.
Big Bang Theory -- I guess I should have listened more in high school physics.
The Newsroom -- I'm updated with the recent news but not sure where President Bartlett is.
All of the above -- I live in the suburbs
None of the above -- I'm working in the TV industry
Borgias -- I lost the remote control