What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Love Life (Or Lack Thereof)

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What bearing does your zodiac sign have on your love life -- or lack thereof? A lot more than you think, says Jennifer Angel, one of New York’s most well-known astrologers.

Below, Angel shares the biggest weakness each zodiac sign has in relationships -- and a quick fix for each.

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Aries are independent go-getters in life but unfortunately, they tend to have no chill in relationships, according to Angel.

"They're a reactive sign. Aries think on their feet -- a little too much, in fact," she explained. "They say exactly what's on their mind, sometimes in a self-centered or overly aggressive manner. If they're with a sensitive partner, this can be a constant source of heartache. Luckily, Aries quickly forgets and doesn't hold a grudge."

The relationship remedy: "Aries, just think before you speak."

Sure, they're reliable and devoted to their partners, but a Taurus can go from 0 to 100 on the jealousy scale in no time, Angel said.

"Possessiveness is their most annoying trait. This solid and practical Earth sign will not permit any hint of someone else capturing their beloved’s attention," she explained. "Taurus will come a-charging if they believe a rival has eyes on their partner -- and they don't forget easily."

The relationship remedy: "Taurus, build a deep bond of trust with your partner."

Geminis are likely to dish on every detail of their relationship, which won't go over well if their partner is the super private type.

"If you want your personal business to stay private, don't tell a gossipy Gemini," Angel said. "Sharing information is programmed into the hard drive of this Mercury-ruled sign, even when they're in relationships. They mean no harm, but they just can't help themselves."

The relationship remedy: "Gemini, ask more questions than you answer."

Sensitive and a bit temperamental, a Cancer often throws their romantic partners for a loop with their whiplash change in mood, Angel said. They may go to bed angry but wake up seeking forgiveness from their S.O.

"Of course they meant what they said earlier, but that was then and now they feel differently," Angel explained. "After all, there's no law against changing your mind! Ruled by the Moon, their intense emotional moods shift constantly in life and relationships."

The relationship remedy: "Cancer, a good night's sleep can solve just about any problem."

Leos like to call the shots in life -- and especially in love, said Angel. They're also a little vain so tack on an extra hour of prep-time if you're planning a date.

"If you thought you were independent and in control of your own life, step aside once you're with a Leo," she said. "Leos want their partners to look fabulous and excel in everything. [That said,] this sign never wants to be outshined by their mate."

The relationship remedy: "Leo, be a team player in your relationship."

Virgos are perfectionists and when they're in love, they strive to achieve #relationshipgoals status. Unfortunately, their perfectionist streak can lead them to attempt to change their partners' views, Angel said.

"What’s so irritating about Virgo is that they’re generally right and they know it!" she said. "In an attempt to win a debate, however, their insistence on being right automatically makes the other person wrong."

The relationship remedy: "Virgo, learn to love the other person just the way they are."

They're always helpful, but Libras can be a little too smothering in relationships, Angel said. At times, it may feel stifling.

"A Libra only wants the best for their partner but in the process of presenting the pros and cons of any given situation, they exert a subtle form of control, as they gently lend more weight to the choice they prefer," she said.

The relationship remedy: "Libra, endeavor to live and let live in love."

Scorpios in love demand complete honesty from their partners; unfortunately, they're much more guarded about their own past, Angel said.

"Scorpios want total loyalty and expect partners to reveal all their secrets -- but don't assume such trusted confidence will be mutual," she explained. "Lying by omission is not really lying, right? Whether a deep dark secret or money stashed away in a private account, you’ll never know all of Scorpio's business."

The relationship remedy: "Scorpio, be transparent with your intentions."

It's not necessarily a bad thing to be a straight shooter in relationships. The problem is, Sagittarius is brutally honest and often goes overboard with real talk, according to Angel.

"When you ask a Sagittarius for their opinion, you’ll come away with more than you bargained for," she said. "They are not known for their diplomacy or bedside manner. With this sign, you have to be ready for truth, which can be revealing but hurtful and insensitive."

The relationship remedy: "Sagittarius, take time to edit your words."

If maintaining a relationship is hard work, Capricorns are more than up to the task. They're diligent and take their responsibilities seriously. They do tend to lack spontaneity, though, which makes them a bit of a killjoy around their partners, Angel said.

"Sometimes they take things a little too seriously -- it quickly tumbles down that slippery slope of all work and no play," she explained. "And their need to control everything can make them inflexible in relationships."

The relationship remedy: "Capricorn, look at the big picture: life is about balance!"

It takes a while for an Aquarius to open themselves up to love -- and once they're in a relationship, they often come across as emotionally detached.

"Lovers of Aquarians often feel like they're being shut out -- and they're right," said Angel. "But this sign doesn’t purposefully give their partners the cold shoulder. As an air sign, it's their way of sorting things out in their mind, perhaps to develop their next ingenious idea."

The relationship remedy: "Aquarius, be upfront and if you need space, say so."

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Pisces are footloose and fancy free but have high-minded ideals about relationships. This makes commitment somewhat difficult for this sign, Angel said.

"They're highly sensitive with acute intuition. It can be difficult for these idealistic romantics to commit to a plan," she said. "If you prefer to have your life mapped out and organized, a Pisces partner is a lesson in flexibility."

The relationship remedy: "Pisces, try to make short-term commitments instead."

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