People Who Identify As Bisexual Share Photos Of Themselves For #WhatBiLooksLike

Though queer people are gaining more and more visibility in mainstream media and society, that doesn't mean that the images we're presented with are always accurate or representative of who we really are and how we live our lives. And sometimes we're still disappointingly absent, especially when it comes to certain subsections of our community.

Case in point: The dearth of images that authentically capture what it means to be bisexual. All too often bisexual people see themselves, their lives and their experiences questioned, invalidated and erased, both by mainstream society and also by other queers. Bi people are told that they "don't really exist" or that they're "greedy" or "just can't make up their minds." But we know none of that is true.

So, thanks to the hashtag #WhatBiLooksLike, we're hoping to challenge and help change all of that. Feast your eyes on the beautiful folks who offered up a shot of themselves (it's an understatement to say we're overwhelmed and inspired by the INCREDIBLE response we got!) and if you want to be part of this stunning group, tweet your own photo using #WhatBiLooksLike.

— Jaime Chandra (@jaimechandra)